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Dianne Bowen
Neighborhood: Boerum Hill

ARTIST STATEMENT: A Line, the simplest and most complicated marks, the earliest marks made by humans in a cave. Fragility, language and connection are my main focus. Exploring materials through process, a conversation begins; my hand reacts to the surface. The works are based on initial translations of ambient sounds into forms of language and codes resulting in visual poems. We live in a high tech world on information overload, virtual connection and instant gratification with little or no barrier. I dig into the surface exploring the process of listening, how and what we hear. As I work, I exist on these multiple planes; the line, sound and my body's movement are in sync. Drawn and pinned lines operate as both micro and macro references to topographic and internal spaces. Individual or in varied patterns they mimic natural found routes instilling the presence of life overlooked quietly in progress through philosophic and scientific reflections. They are systems of flow like water or rings in trees documenting an inaudible history. Lines wind and swirl connecting line to line appearing and disappearing within contemplative chaotic spaces of rotation and anarchy. Drawing concentric swirls, the lines in my work connect us both internally within the depths of the body, like folds in skin and muscle tissue or externally to the very sub particles of creation. Incorporating video into the spiral series, I record the process live. The pencil against the surface begins to sing and converse with my hands motion. In this I release the voice of the line itself into the environment. Through the process of mark making I respond to the surface materials and environment using drawing, mixed media, installation, photography and short video. I wanted to give you something, like a note in a drawer, a memory to keep with you for when you need it, a whisper in your ear, I’m listening. – Dianne Bowen

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Speak with Me in Line and Flow

silent conversations, fragile connections ripple and flow reflection in water an un-still moment.

Fragile response

exploring reflecting fragile connections, lines flow and ripple in quiet dialog between water and reflection

A moment between light and water

locked gazing at a the simple interaction between the reflection of light in a large puddle of water at night. Vibrations from passing cars and the rains disturbance on the the reflection converse. A quiet simple moment, lyrical in it's movements. Recorded on my cell phone, the light moves across the screen at times disturbed by my own breathing connecting me to the moment.


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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