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Margaret Inga Wiatrowski
New York, NY
Neighborhood: Williamsburg

ARTIST STATEMENT: Dumb Time, Meaningless Objects, and Insincere Aftermaths

These drawings are constructed realities; artificial environments that stage scenarios emanating from imperceptible disturbances or unknown, obscure forces. They document places, objects, and creatures transformed beyond usual recognition- the forgotten, the lost, and the disappearing– semi-distinguishable scenes that resemble our own world, abundant with the leftover detritus of uncertain places and eras, often filled with the deceptively synthetic, ignored, distorted, spoiled, broken, and discarded.
These are the imagined worlds I want to rescue- with all of their damaged objects, and the false stories they tell. They are places that exist just below the surface, and extricating them means exploring the increasingly permeable border between the artificial and the natural, cherished and forsaken, living and lifeless.
I’m especially interested in using drawing to depict these scenes because it is an ideal medium to embrace these types of memory objects, this type of obsolescence. Drawing, as a labor-intensive impulse, is an act that privileges time spent, mindfulness, and attention as forms of commitment in their own right, and counteracts the rapid dissemination of information that defines our current age. These drawings evoke a turn away from the reality of fleeting things (the ephemeral quality of the digital sphere, the flickering nature of sound-bite culture, the preoccupation with immediacy, the gradual transition away from physical objects such as books, newspapers and records to their electronic equivalents), to allow for the opportunity to experience a spell of stillness, that rare quality in a frenetic culture- to create moments that exist beyond temporality.
Delicate, broken surfaces, remnants of a material world, time collapses, create deliberately entropic, enigmatic places where what is left seems like a void- leaving only darkened abstraction and a silent, mute exuberance. In the end, these views form worlds fraught with inexplicable occurrences followed by inexplicable aftermaths—imagined ontologies, filled with vestiges of dystopian reverie, an intermingling of uncertainty, and the frailty and filth of spaces that know no specific locations-- only a world that has not yet been cleared away.

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