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Jayoung Yoon
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Bushwick

My work deals with the perception of being “present” in any given moment. By developing our ability to focus our attention away from thinking and direct it into the body, we become fully conscious of being and become present in the moment. So, I am interested in creating images that invite people to pay attention to, as well as appreciate subtle moments. It makes them slow down, pause and wait, and then move into a higher consciousness. The mind becomes quieted.

I work in various media, including video, performance, sculpture, installation, and drawing incorporating materials such as human hair, salt, and water. By using the ephemeral, tactile qualities of those materials, I transform the invisible thoughts of the mind into my physical art works that convey the intimate feeling and direct attention to the body. Watching the subtle movements of the hair-thread sculptures for example, invites the viewer to explore the experience of the intimate and visceral feeling.ching the almost invisible movement of the hair and thread sculptures allow the viewer to disidentify from their mind.

The performances are meditative practices for deepening the awareness of the moment and cleansing accumulated memories from the past. They often combine the elements of sculpture, drawing and video. I sometimes make wearable sculptures woven out of my hair, which may gradually disappear, or seem to float away from the body, representing thoughts being let go. I then enter into a meditative state of mind, and into the present. I hope I can invite viewers to feel their body through the image of my body. I become a passageway to self-awareness for them. The performances are sometimes comprised of long-term actions, involving endurance, and silence.

These interdisciplinary approaches all derive their presence from the “Heightened Awareness”. When the viewers explore my works, I hope they metaphorically can feel the ‘Now,’ physically and emotionally.

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Each video shows a duration of time as well as a specific single moment. The light changes a sunrise into sunset at an empty space, and the performer is unwrapped in the hair cloth in the present moment in the same space. I compressed the first video and expanded the second video and made both approximately one minute. Therefore, I could compare “Time” to “Now.”

According to the biblical Gospels, during the crucifixion of Christ, a crown of thorns caused him pain and reversed the symbol of majesty, to instead represent degradation. And yet, Jesus was willing to endure the pain, and embraced the rejection, so that he could open the door for humans to escape with him from their sin. In Buddhism, suffering comes from human’s own deluded states of mind. In order to realized the nature of mind, first we need to accept the fact of suffering and observe it without reacting. I decided to make a crown of thorns out of human hair that represented the impurity of mind, that which causes our pain. In the video, I show a process of enduring, and letting go as act of purifying the mind. White Sands National Monument in New Mexico where I chose to perform, has two significant meanings. As a psychic landscape the desert often evokes a space of wandering, spiritual thirst, purification, and redemption. White represents rebirth, renewal, restoration, and emptiness.


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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