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Mitsuko Brooks
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant

ARTIST STATEMENT: The world of libraries are of particular interest to me because I have been using discarded book covers in my collages for many years, many of which are discarded from my profession in a library. Much of my collages are an accumulation of items I collect during my day to day existence: book covers thrown out from my job during re-binding processes; lichen found on gravestones; and magazine cut outs. I experience a strong sensory experience when looking at organic objects of nature and compulsively find their place into my collages. Usually they are my starting point to find out how to make the rest of my piece come together. Remembering the physical location where I find a natural object is an integral part of my work. I offer a moment of time travel by bringing forgotten pieces of paper and other materials together into a ritual object of remembering a place I have visited or capturing fleeting thoughts one normally forgets. I am most interested our biological world around us and the way these organic objects visually become metaphorical investigations. The base of each piece is a discarded book cover or page from an old book, to give the foundation, hinting at a story to be told through each collage.

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Bodega Night

September-12-2013 – September-12-2013

On Thursday, September 12th from 7 to 9pm, The Center for Strategic Art and Agriculture (CSAA) is presenting an alternative space exhibition "Bodega Night", a visual art exhibition and community action presented in 3 local Bushwick bodegas. I will have two assemblages on view at Las Mexicanitas Grocery & Deli @ 915 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY.

Other artists I will be exhibiting alongside in a roughly five block radius are: Lillian Gerson, Molly O’Brien, Ben Bois, Megan Moncreif, Sto Len, Kyle Marler, Theresa Buchheister, Ellie Irons, NoWork, Christina Kelly, Pam Garber.

Located within Silent Barn at 603 Bushwick Avenue in Brooklyn, CSAA is a non-profit guided by the belief that art and urban agriculture have the profound ability to transform the spaces we inhabit into sites of creativity, empowerment, and community. By presenting these two powerful modes of reimagining in concert, CSAA creates a unique and inclusive platform for social interaction, progress and artistic expression.

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