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Loui A Terrier
Brooklyn , NY
Neighborhood: Greenpoint

ARTIST STATEMENT: ARTIST STATEMENT My recent works on paper, canvas and wood can be thought of as two strains of thought . They are for me divergent expressions of a surreal and neo abstract expressionism. These works are odd portraits and still lives which, explore compounds, naturalistic flora forms, organic building blocks, and which hint at Giotto, Albert Pinkham Ryder, and cinematic perspectives. These two strains / series : Knots with Flora and Fauna & Inclement Portraits. Knots with Flora and Fauna originate from mystical modes - by which, all cultures have used knots to ward off evil in practical and metaphysical ways. Knots are as primal as images of snakes, and for me, an entry point into that unknown - that allusion to physical and mental landscapes via the suggestive nature of lines. Within these drawings and paintings I graft flora and fauna - as an allusion to the unexpected variety with which Nature surprises us with whimsy. These works are also exercises in gazing, and random optical and literal layering of practical forms and a mixed bag of materials. The Knot drawings / paintings also take inspiration from John Cageís notion of chance operation. I graph drawings with the numbers one through six horizontally and vertically. I roll a green dice and choose from 6 drawings of 6 chosen knots. Then I roll a red dice for a horizontal number and I roll a white dice for a vertical side of the paper. And I follow the same actions with some kind of flora and fauna. The Inclement Portraits are drawings and paintings on wood which, feature unsettling faces against Italian portico like backgrounds. Courtyards set against unnatural blackness. Each wooden portraitís right side cut on slight inward angles. Within these angled areas circular or oval shapes washed in blues and reds. Deep in the backgrounds: twin tornadoes , meteor showers, lightning and hail storms brew. Birds scatter and Albino stags gawk. All of my works are water based, tempera mixed media, laced with DNA: Gouache, watercolor, tempera, charcoal , graphite, acrylic , pencil, crayon, papers, parchment, velum, corporate checks, glue, and saliva. Loui Terrier - 2015

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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