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Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Williamsburg

ARTIST STATEMENT: I am a New York based multi-media visual artist. My work has been shown in London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Kyoto, Barcelona, and New York. My current goal is participating in global collaborative projects and curating; with a focus on interactive social art. I am a painter, photographer, and videographer. I also create sculptural art from recycled materials. My painting style is definitively abstract expressionist. The artworks possess a tactile quality luring viewers to touch the rough surfaces. The materials I use - mostly acrylic paint combined with course materials like pumice, garnet, and mica painted on wood - are a firm attachment to nature. During the act of painting, I allow the painting to independently evolve rather than believe I am the one in complete control. The result is free and colorful. I am influenced by Anselm Kiefer, Jackson Pollock, Jean Du Buffet, and Terry Winters. The spirals channel the art of ancient cultures. My educational background in both medicine and engineering has informed my art; the organic fluid quality of the spirals and the structured linear quality of the mosaics. The work I create using recycled – or upcycled – materials evolved from workshops I’ve conducted with children; particularly in low income neighborhoods where art supplies are a luxury. The current project involves collecting and re-purposing receipts from an entire year of my life, to create an installation of paper sculptures. It is a testament to consumerism and the easy disposability of our purchases; also our forgetfulness as many of the items purchased are no longer owned by me – discarded within a year. The most important part of my work right now is The I Love You Project®. It is a global interactive social art project which I have so far conducted in Spain and Germany. This is a collaborative effort incorporating original music composition and video editing by other artists. I use a digital microscope camera – a child’s toy – to record video of participants saying “I Love You”. I also shoot still portraits. The experience itself of videotaping people is part of the project. Subjects have their own experience saying these three words to a stranger, many times in the presence of other people. Neighbors who never met come in as strangers and depart as friends. Our social circle expands. Further, I feel that peace and love between people of diverse backgrounds cannot be achieved unless we start a one on one relationship with strangers. The final result of the project is an exhibition where photos are displayed and the edited video with the soundtrack of the participants’ voices is screened. During the opening receptions participants meet other participants and it’s a festive and poignant event. This project is a traveling exhibit and the intention is to reproduce it in every country. My educational and employment background is unorthodox for someone who is an artist. As a teen I attended pre-med classes in New York as part of a special program for honors students. I also worked summers at a research lab. At the same time I was studying Civil Technology at Brooklyn Tech High School. I attended only one year of university before accepting a position as a Civil Technologist redesigning roads and highways in New York. I left both science and engineering behind, and instead tried on other careers working in a photo studio, an ad agency, a marketing firm, and as a commercial print producer. I owned a gallery in Brooklyn Heights and started an agency represented photographers and illustrators for commercial assignments, and produced photo shoots for print campaigns. I moved on to established Focus + Finance, a firm that provides financial services to creative clientele. It has grown into a successful business that helps other artists and people who work with artists grow their careers and manage their finances. I am a member of the Brooklyn Working Artist Coalition. My paintings have received awards and honors from the Brooklyn Museum of Art and Barrett Art Center. I have participated in the Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tours for several years when I maintained a studio there. I recently founded an artist collective, HyperOptik Creative, with the intention of collaborating with other artists through interactive experimental media and socio-political subject matter. I was born in Trinidad. My family came to Brooklyn when I was four, and I have lived in New York City since then. I come from a very colorful background, both ethnically and culturally. Trinidad is known for its splendid Carnival, exotic foods, and diversity. I'd like to think what is in my blood is represented in the type of art I create.

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2007 “Meditations on Spirals” Gallery Co-Exist, Toyko, Japan
2007 “Order & Chaos” Gallery CoolTrain, Toyko, Japan
2000 Gallery 402/Organization of Independent Artists, NY NY
1995 Solo Arts Group, NY, NY
1994 Sackett Street Garden, Brooklyn NY
1991 Ward-Lawrence Gallery, NY, NY

2013 “This Page Intentionally Left Blank” Schillerpalais, Berlin, Germany
2013 “Re-Formed” NYFA/WIX Westbeth Gallery, Greenwich Village, NY
2011 “Enrapturing Journey” A-Forest Gallery, Chelsea, NY
2010 “Enrapturing Journey” Galeria Con, Barcelona, Spain
2010 “Simplicity” A-Forest Gallery, Chelsea, NY
2010 “American Garbage” The Loom for BETA SPACES, Brooklyn, NY
2009 “Cornucopic Counterpoints” Amsterdam Whitney, Chelsea, NY
2009 “Never Think Small” Climate Gallery, Long Island City, NY
2009 “Exotica” Ishida Taiseisha Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
2009 “Crossings” A-Forest Gallery, Chelsea, NY
2008 “Aesthetic Encounters” Lennox Gallery, London, UK
2008 “Infinite Unity” Schiller Palais, Berlin, Germany
2007 “Tranquility” A-Forest Gallery, Chelsea, NY
2007 “Beyond NY” Gallery Tsubaki, Toyko, Japan
2006 “Mystiques” A-Forest Gallery, Chelsea, NY
2006 “Dreamers Rendezvous” A-Forest Gallery, Chelsea, NY
2003 “Pier Show 11” Brooklyn Working Artist Coalition/BWAC, Brooklyn NY
2003 “Aura” Gallery 128, New York, NY
2002 “Three On A Match” Gallery 128, NY, NY
2002 “Small Works 10 “Brooklyn Working Artist Coalition/BWAC, Brooklyn NY
2002 “Pier Show 10” Brooklyn Working Artist Coalition/BWAC, Brooklyn NY
2001 “Small Works 9 “Brooklyn Working Artist Coalition/BWAC, Brooklyn NY
2001 “Pier Show 9” Brooklyn Working Artist Coalition/BWAC, Brooklyn, NY
2001 “Works on Paper” Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn NY
2001 Barrett Art Center National Juried Show, Poughkeepsie NY
2001 "Total Eclipse #3" Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn NY
2000 “Y2K” Organization of Independent Artists, Tribeca, NY
2000 “Pier Show 8” Brooklyn Working Artist Coalition/BWAC, Brooklyn, NY
2000 “Small Works” Brooklyn Working Artist Coalition/BWAC, Brooklyn, NY
2000 "Y2K-aotic: Uncensored " Organization of Independent Artists, Tribeca
1995 Brooklyn Art & Cultural Association Promenade Art Show, Brooklyn, NY
1994 “Pier Show 2” Brooklyn Working Artist Coalition/BWAC, Brooklyn, NY
1990 "Cityscapes" Ward-Nasse Gallery, Soho, NY

2013 “The I Love You Project: Berlin” Schillerpalais, Berlin, Germany
2013 “The I Love You Project: Hessen” Schillerpalais, Berlin, Germany
2013 “The I Love You Project” Liquid Borders Int’l Art Expo, Bari, Italy
2013 “The I Love You Project” Border Bodies Int’l Art Expo, Gdynia, Poland
2012 “The I Love You Project: Barcelona” Dream Factory, Frankfurt, Germany
2012 “Instant Gratification” Galeria aDa, Barcelona, Spain
2011 “The I Love You Project” Galeria aDa, Barcelona, Spain

2011 "The Anti-Narcissists and the Very Mundane" The Loom, Brooklyn, NY

2012 Founded HyperOptik Creative; an artist collective focusing on experimental mediums.
2011 Founded The I Love You Project; a global interactive social art movement for peace.

2012 “Instant Gratification” Galeria aDa, Barcelona, Spain. Four person exhibit of digital photography that evolved over the duration of the exhibit.
1992-1995 Ad Finem Gallery, Brooklyn NY. Owner & Curator. Presented group and solo exhibits for of paintings and photography. Sold crafts created by Brooklyn artisans.

2010 Beta Spaces, Brooklyn NY. Group show at The Loom. “American Garbage”
2005-2010 TOAST/Tribeca Open Artists Studio Tours. Participated annually.

1992-1996 Conducted recycled art workshops for children at Ad Finem Gallery and various locations in New York City including community gardens and day camps.

2001 “Pier Show 9” Brooklyn Working Artist Coalition/BWAC, Brooklyn, NY Group show
One of 5 artists selected by Curator of Modern Art at the Brooklyn Museum for special commentary by curator Charlotta Kotik of the Brooklyn Museum of Art.
2001 Barrett Art Center National Juried Show, Poughkeepsie NY, Group Show.
Winner of Merit Award for “Mosaic” Triptych

Polytechnic University of NY: Civil Engineering
Brooklyn Technical High School: Civil Technology


2003-Present Focus + Finance, NYC. Owner of financial firm specializing in creative industries. Provides full service bookkeeping including budgeting, audits, contracts, analysis, credit, sales tax, payroll, and business management.
2001-2004 Ad Finem Agency NYC. Artist agent and producer for commercial photography. Provided artist representation, production budgeting and invoicing, casting, location scouting, and portfolio development.
2001-2003 Debbie Davies Bookkeeping. Freelance bookkeeping for creative people.
1998-2001 Freelance Producer for commercial print advertising.
1996-1998 Kane Bortree & Associates Marketing. General Manager and focus group coordinator. Responsible for office management and hiring staff; coordinated materials for market research; assisted in travel arrangements and schedule of senior partner.
1992-1995 Ad Finem Gallery, Brooklyn NY. Owned arts & crafts gallery focusing on Brooklyn artists.
1990-1992 BBDO Worldwide Advertising. Presentations coordinator for new business. Assigned storyboard artists to art director/copywriter teams; ensured new campaign materials were produced by deadlines; prepared preliminary paperwork for subsidiary billings.

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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