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Ezra (Izzy) Schultz
Brooklyn, NY
Website: http://
Neighborhood: Downtown Brooklyn


ARTIST STATEMENT: Hello! Welcome to our gallery, and thanks for looking. I think of it as ours because even though I’m the registrant, my wife and I both do photography. Which photographs are mine and which hers, I can’t say. We don’t keep score. We’ve amassed quite a collection over the years. Mountains, valleys, oceans, deserts, animals, plants, people, places, etc, etc, etc. We print via ink jet on 8.5 by 11 inch sheets of white, heavy weight, photo paper. The black border around each image, represents the 11 x 14 inch mat in which the prints are mounted. The white border between the image itself and the black of the mat which you may notice on some of the examples, represents an approximately 0.2 inch (give or take a mm. or two) separation between the image area and the inside edges of the mat. The mats are hand-cut at the kitchen table using an x-acto knife and\or a utility knife, and the prints are available with or without the mat. The philosophy behind our photography is very simple. 1. A photograph, like a painting, a pen and ink drawing, a pencil sketch, etc, is a piece of art. The elements of its creation, (composition, highlight, shadow, shape, form, etc) are the same. The difference is in the tools used to create or capture the image, and the time it takes to do so. 2. A photographic image (like any other piece of art) should tell a story, or evoke some kind of feeling or emotion (preferably positive or at least not overly negative) in the viewer. If it does that, it’s a success. 3. A camera, from the simplest point and shoot, to the most advanced pro model available, is a time trap. When we view a scene, we’re not viewing the physical elements of that scene. We’re viewing the light reflected from those elements at that particular point in space, and at that particular time. A camera has the unique ability to capture, store, and preserve, a visual record (the photograph) of those reflections. It’s from those records, that the images you’ll see here are derived. If you’d like more information about any image in particular, you can contact us via the email link at the bottom of this page.. Be sure to include the images filename in the subject line. If you’re interested in more than one image, just put one of the filenames in the subject line and the rest in the message area. Again, thanks for stopping by, and if this is your first visit, do come back because we will be changing the images from time to time……E

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  • File N105B94x16A_1\Welcoming Commitee
    Dec 1994
    Image Size = Approx. 6.8" x 9.9"
    Filename = N105B84x16A_1 Title = Welcoming Committee Location = Baily Head Penguin Colony, Deception Island, South Shetland Archipelago, Antarctica. When = December 1994

  • At a Mt. Kenya waterhole
    Aug 2000
    14" x 11"
    Filename = N080B00x16A-1

  • 4 Queens
    Sep 1988
    14" x 11"
    Filename = N050A88x25-1

  • Mosi Oa Tunya
    Sep 1990
    14" x 11"
    Filename = N071A90x16-1

  • Reach For Astar
    Aug 1994
    11" x 14"
    Filename = N046B94x6A-4

  • His Majesty The King
    Aug 1994
    14" x 11"
    Filename = N038A94x30-1

  • Spirit Of The Desert
    Sep 1992
    14" x 11"
    Filename = N017A92x312-1

  • Everybody Out Of The pool
    Sep 1992
    14" x 11"
    Filename = N039B92x18A-2

  • Alian World
    Sep 1992
    14" x 11"
    Filename = N021B92x1A-2

  • Cradle
    Jun 2007
    14" x 11"
    Filename = D060507E008-3

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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