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Haley Wiley
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Clinton Hill

ARTIST STATEMENT: Working in various mediums, from charcoal to acrylic and from cement to mixed media, themes of exploration include vulnerability and strength, impermanence and permanence, as well as the built and unbuilt. Passage, memory and matter, obscurity, and resurgence are also threaded throughout the work. Studying the tactile qualities of cementitious materials, the utilitarian and non-utilitarian forms, as well as the complex language of such mediums have been an ongoing interest. Recalling a memory of watching concrete being cast in place at her residence at the age of two, it is natural that these mediums and methods of working with them would be a point of departure for creative works later in life. Constructing a 16’ x 6’ x 4' concrete pool for a rainwater harvest system at a local community garden in Brooklyn was the first experience working hands-on with the material. RESURFACE SERIES Resurface began through the observation of textural surfaces as well as the beauty of the weathering that occurs over time. These nonfigurative works are also inspired from a formed process within the tendencies of the human psyche, a transference from the subconscious state to the conscious state, and an uncovering of events. The Freudian idea of events which take place "below the surface" (considered as the unconscious state), suppressed emotions can be awakened, past memories become revealed, and this once concealed layer is brought forth into consciousness. These are the things that are personal to us, expose a vulnerability, and make us human. Preliminary works have started with a methodology in establishing a set of parameters: a monochromatic palette, investigating texture and its tactility through the application of thin coatings, and the activity of peeling back of the surface. Done at a particular time during the drying process, and through the use of a sharp edge to reveal the layer below, the finished, visible brushstroke that results disappears as the viewer moves his/her position in front of the canvas.

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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