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Brian T Dang
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Sheephead Bay


ARTIST STATEMENT: The Arts to me are a public arena where I can have dialogue with social discourses. There is a film called The Hunt by Christian Jankowski where the artist goes hunting for food in the urban jungle, equipped with a bow and arrow in a supermarket. He stalks his prey, a chicken in an open freezer, and shoots it with a huge arrow. After Jankowski hunts down the rest of his shopping, an imperturbable cashier scans the loot. The absurd situation cleverly highlights this disconnect between the source of our food and its consumption that I am interested in. Food has always been a topic I am most interested in my personal life. It is the main attraction, which everyone lives revolves around when and what is their next meal. There’s certain memories that is triggered when eating certain food. I hope to bring about this reflection upon our relationship with our food by creating narratives that tell stories about our foodways. My twin affection for food and art-making will find a way to bridge these two into an enjoyable visual experience. There's an aspect of imaginative and nightmare in my work, which is what I think is a reflection of my personal conflicted love/hate relationship with food. Instead of art for consumption, I aim to produce art for food for thought and allow for healthy dialogue.

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SIngle Fare 3

A big show of small works on used MetroCards.
My metrocard paintings will be in the show. . Inspired by the notion that the city’s subways and buses allow for a kind of creative interchange unmatched in human history, the first “Single Fare” sought to create a unique art event where art and artists could come together to form a monumental event made from a tiny, innocuous piece of plastic: The MetroCard! Single Fare 3 promises to deliver an even more exciting exhibition with more art, more artists and new ways to view and enjoy the work.

This year Roy and Kagan team up with RH gallery to host SF3 on Wednesday, February 13th for a ten-day exhibition of thousands of works in TriBeCa. Painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, even video, will all be on display in RH’s beautiful downtown space. Along side the individual work, SF3 will continue it’s commitment to giving back to the community with a Charity Art Raffle, with proceeds going to Hurricane Sandy Recovery, showcasing the MetroCards of high-profile artists.
Deadline for submission is extended to Feb 6th. Its not too late to join the madness!


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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