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Sydney Cash
Marlboro, NY

ARTIST STATEMENT: These sculptures are part of a body of work where light is manipulated as if it’s corporeal. It began when I placed a 6” x 2” strip of thin mirror on two long hatpins that were stuck in my studio wall. The mirror was at eye level, silver side up, perpendicular to the wall. An overhead fixture illuminated the mirror strip, reflecting light on the wall above it and a symmetrical shadow below it. This was a moment of seeing. It buzzed with creative potential and led to the development of these lightworks.

The creative process for these sculptures is two-fold: making silver designs on glass, and positioning lights to create reflections and shadows. These two elements work in concert to transform a focused beam of light from a radiant state into imagery on a wall.

An important quality of this work is the phototropic aspect of light; people are attracted to it. Light is alive. It makes the world in which we live. It’s a mysterious medium, deep with possibility that continuers to intrigue me.


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  • Ceiling Vessel
    Mirror & Steel Rod
    Client’s home, $10,000. The project was to create a light sculpture using the already installed ceiling “high-hat” fixture, and the barn-red colored wall. A clear bulb with a bare fi

  • Two Corner Crystals
    Glass & Mirror
    Artist’s Studio, $16,000. A single light illuminates these two corner panels. They imagery is derived from one of the artist’s drawings. Colored film is encapsulated in the laminated panel

  • Cross-Hatching
    Mirror & Steel Rod
    Artist’s Studio, $25,000. A wall was provided to fill with light sculpture in the bar at the Falcon Jazz Club. Using three panels and four lights, the sculpture filled the wall from the top of t

  • Atomic
    Mirror & Steel Rod
    Orlando Museum of Art, $24,000. This piece was one of two installed for an exhibition at the Orlando Museum of Art in 2013. It is a larger version of an earlier light sculpture.

  • And God Said
    Glass, Mirror & Plywood
    Artist’s Studio, $18,000. This is the first light sculpture to use text. The combined reflection and shadow of the words – lines from Genesis - alters their readability, confronting the vi

  • Eugene's Well
    Mirror & Plywood
    Artist’s Studio, $16,000. One MR16 bulb illuminates the single curved panel in the wall corner. The shadow projects on the wall and the small base on the floor. The reflection projects on the wa

  • The Falcon Stage
    Mirro & Steel Rod
    Falcon Jazz Club, $7,500 artist’s fee. The invitation for this piece was to create a four-month work-in progress light sculpture as a backdrop to performers on stage. At the first performance, i

  • Geronimo
    Glass & Mirror
    Client’s home, $25,000. The clients wanted a piece to fit on a particular wall. I adapted a piece they’d liked to fit the scale of the space. A halogen bulb from above lights this. We inst

  • Kemosabe
    Mirror & Plywood
    Artist’s Studio, $21,000. The section of the wall upon which this piece has been installed is painted a rose-copper color. This enhances the copper reflections from the mirrors and gives the ima

  • French Razorblades
    Glass, Mirror & Plywood
    Artist’s Studio, $18,000. The plywood panel, upon which this piece is mounted, gives color to the sculpture.

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Brooklyn, NY 11217


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