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Tracey K Boyce
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Flatbush

ARTIST STATEMENT: My artwork uses childhood events and dreams to explore the concept of repressed memories. Repressed memories are hypothesized memories having been unconsciously blocked, due to the memory being linked with a high level of stress or trauma. This theory states that even though the individual cannot recall the memory, it may still be affecting them consciously. With that in mind, this project is centered around the 4 blocks that make up my childhood neighborhood and the feelings I have regarding them. My work is an assortment of visual memorabilia that I have gathered and created, rooted in the strong emotional responses that each piece evokes in me. Each glimpse of brick, sidewalk, hallway and other form of scenery have formed a deep connection within my memory of past events from my childhood that I have tried numerous times to repress. The images I create are filled with personal accounts of what I believe to be real. They are the core of my being and they are products of the many dreams Ive had about my childhood. I have a genuine curiosity about where we draw the line that separates reality from fiction. This project is the product of both my childhood and my imagination. It is the end result of the many years of experiences I have had as a child as well as today. It is a reflection of me, the child, in the “garden” of my old neighborhood. This collection of work is where I make my start in finding my own personal truths and exploring the truths of others. It is my way of uncovering the memories that I feel are lost in the recesses of my mind, bringing them to the foreground so that I can move forward in this journey we call life.

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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