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Susan Kaprov
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights

ARTIST STATEMENT: As an artist, I am a stylistic and conceptual explorer, gravitating toward experimentation and risk-taking and avoiding allegiances to genres and labels of any kind. I create by giving myself "assignments" or self-imposed themes that I explore in depth. I use my studio as a ‘laboratory’ and my art as a series of ‘research projects’. When I create it's always out of interest or for fun, or a desire to try something I've never done. By creating groups of related works in the same general idiom, I can work through their ramifications with great freedom. Often, though not always, my work functions on the boundary between the abstract and the figurative, retaining some pictographic reference to both. My approach is intentional, balanced by a deliberate playfulness that renders the whole thing vivifying, bringing the act of seeing back into the realm of pure pleasure.

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  • Urban Helix
    Fired enamel on glass   8 ft x 55 ft
    Commissioned for the Polytechnic Institute of N.Y.U. Theme: science and technology in the 'Big City' replete with blue robots, traveling molecules, and D.N.A. strands interweaving and ove

  • Detail of Urban Helix

  • Precambrian Waltz
    Photomontage on aluminum   8 feet x 42 feet on curved wall
    Commissioned by the Port Authority of NY & NJ, this work is a 'non-linear' montage suggesting, motion, change, and transformation. It incorporates numerous images from the Port Authority

  • Going the Distance (video still)
    Animated Video   variable
    Commissioned by the Carver-Hawkeye Arena in Iowa City, this colorful, animated video (10 minute continuous loop) celebrates the grace and choreography of sports in slow motion where viewers can see &q

  • Swimmers
    fired enamel on glass   46" x 48" each window (18 total)
    Commissioned by the General Services Administration for the Federal Courthouse in Jacksonville, Fl., these windows merge figurative and environmental images into an imaginary 'swimmer' navig

  • Detail of Swimmers
    Please see previous image description-thank you.

  • Under the Nighttime Sun
    Back-lit photos on glass on curved wall   10 ft x 26 ft
    Commissioned by a private collector for a large reception area, this work projects nature and flowers in full bloom, yet slightly distorted through curvature to give the sensation of altered space.

  • Night Riders
    Back-lit glass with fused imagery   12 ft x 110 ft
    Visualization: This work is still in progress to be located at the PATH station near Ground Zero. Images from the urban environment and the human figure are abstracted into a futuristic landscape of n

  • Convergence
    Fired enamel on glass   48" x 48" plus variations
    Commissioned for the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, this work projects the colors and patterns, both seen and unseen, of the wind and water that surrounds the Center.

  • Green Thumb Station
    Glass mosaic in concrete   38 ft x 66 ft
    This finalist visualization was created for the Botanic Garden Station on Metro North. To-scale samples were created using the mosaic materials. Project was suspended indefinitely due to structural is

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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