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Ines Sun
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Greenpoint

ARTIST STATEMENT: I am an oil painter trained at the Art Students League of New York under the New York School of Abstraction. Inspired by Action Painting (and what it took from Impressionism and Monet), I employ a spontaneity of brushwork mixed with a strong sense of light and composition. Later I found a calling in traditional Chinese scholarly brushwork, and studied at China Academy of Art in Huangzhou,China. I then moved my practice to Beijing. Blending and transforming these aesthetics, and keeping a constant source of inspiration in the natural world, has developed and informed my work up to the present. My artistic expression is a physical embodiment on the canvas of my spiritual expressionism. I see the brushstrokes as a medium of both physical and nonphysical energy, a translation of the poetry of life passing through me. Just as Buddhism must be a full practice, so I see art as a full practice in my life-- in my tea, my calligraphy, my painting-- which is best aimed at cultivating myself further, not as a monk in solitude but a fully engaged artist and being. I strive to make my art a service for others, to offer small realms of peace, comfort, beauty and tranquility; and to connect and uplift the spirit.

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Ines Sun


The concept of the Mobile Tea Garden is to transform the viewers' state of mind through the mysterious power of tea in an artful setting. All participant artists share the same vision and generously contribute their talent and time to make an indoor tea garden, based on the principle of Wu-Xing (fire,wood,water, metal, earth). Our creative theme is "Being Wild Is Living A Natural State." I have collaborated with seven artists to create an overgrown wild garden for you to experience the moment of tea. The instillation includes: Large-scale naturally dyed silk textiles by Kyoto Textile Master Akihiko Izukura An 8 paneled screen of contemporary Chinese brush painting by the Hong Kong based artist Simon Yung Vibrant 3D ceramic installations for the ground by Janine Sopp A sound installation, "Aquatic Chandelier", by Taunya ver der Steen Video Art by awarding-winning documentary director, Heather Greer A tidal movement piece with shakuhachi music, Listening To The Body Fluid, by Jayoung Yoon and Zachary Sinner Lastly, our wonderful Tea Volunteer Team will harmonize the art and serve you a generous cup of tea. At the Mobile Tea Garden we engage all your five senses and together tell a story of "A Cup of tea; a cup of humanity"


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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