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ARTIST STATEMENT: With a graphic art that hybridizes manga codes with linear drawing and vintage photography, the work of Mariasun Salgado presents a series of digital collages and compositions with which she subtly alters the traditional codes of representation. By merging and juxtaposing images and graphics which a priori are opposed to each other, Mariasun Salgado emphasizes the absurdities arising from urban systems in which today’s society evolves. Under the registration of contemporary collage, a medium that is increasingly present in our visual horizon, the artists seeks to provoke questions in the viewer for which there is no single answer. These works are characterized by the representation of the conflicts which are generated between architecture and its environments, specifically those being derived from the urban massification and the concept of hyper-density. All these topics relate to architecture, are treated through a hybrid graphical language and escape both realism and abstraction. Through a progressive approach developed in four working scales ranging from territorial to human scale, Space Confl icts is divided into four series which comprise different ways to approach these conflicts: Planimetry, Excesses, Yard and Math Series. [Planimetry Series] explores the relation between human scale and territory by means of the hybridization between image and drawing. The construction generated by repetition creates new images susceptible to being interpreted in two different ways. This is an exercise of decontextualization by distorting the concept of scale. The [Yard Series], perhaps one of the works more closely linked to architectural thinking, proposes virtual scenarios which can be extrapolated to the city environment. Space contextualization conferred by the characters appearing in these works, suggests an indefi nite time frame, which could be set either in the XX or the XXI Century. [Excesses Series] is a refl ection of the fears and worries arisen from the structure of nowadays’ society. These Works are, in themselves, a claim against the spirit of endless growth patronized by the current economic system, and whose consequences have led to urban overcrowding and the creation of the hyperdensity concept. In the [Math Series] compositions are generated from development formulas related to mathematical and geometrical algorithms. In contrast with the previously mentioned series, the works arisen from this premise are experimental in nature, with the shape and result prevailing over the idea. Professional Website:

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