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Antonio Bilotta
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Red Hook

ARTIST STATEMENT: I have known Antonio Bilotta for years and have followed his artistic evolution, from the faces of a humanity loaded with poignant intensity, aware of its own destiny but not inclined to surrender to it, to the search for a sense of light and hope, to the reinvention of trees, and still more.

It is magical to see him work, immersed in movement, out of time. Merchandise, commerce, consumption, trash : the rectangle of our days becomes a pentagon with recycling…nothing created, nothing destroyed, everything transformed.

Warhol provocatively frames merchandise; Bilotta assembles wood, rubber, cement and rearranges it, creating dreamy and visionary works that provoke curiosity and amazement—a cry to a world sworn to a materialism that makes poetry expired merchandise.

In the simplicity of an intuition hides the answer to complex questions….who can forget Gandhi and the salt in the conch shell ? Can a gesture that is the fruit of a synopsis kick the habit that normalizes the madness of our times? No one can tell ! In the Old Testament, Joshua says that the walls of Jericho, besieged by time, falls because of a cry. Nives Meroi, the great mountaineer, said, “I am the mountains that I have not climbed,” as if to say that the attempts may be worth more than the achievements.

And so why not look at the boundaries and see the horizons ?

Romano Singlitico


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Come Together Sandy: Surviving Sandy, Year 1

October-20-2013 – December-15-2013

To commemorate the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy—and the resiliency of New York City’s arts community, which was hit especially hard by the storm—the Dedalus Foundation, the Brooklyn Rail, and the Jamestown Charitable Foundation join with Industry City Associates to present a nearly 100,000 square foot exhibition entitled Come Together: Surviving Sandy, Year 1. The exhibition will take place at Industry City, a hub of creative manufacturing and innovation in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Centered on the work of artists directly affected by Sandy, the exhibition will also feature work inspired by and referring to the storm, along with work by artists who were invited to participate in the spirit of solidarity. In addition, the two-month exhibition will include musical performances, poetry readings, film screenings, and other cultural events. The Brooklyn Rail’s radio partner, (the radio station of the Clocktower Gallery), will provide official radio coverage and music selections for the exhibition.

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