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Miho Suzuki
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Williamsburg

ARTIST STATEMENT: I am intrigued by the concept of memory: both what is remembered and what has been forgotten. My work has often employed the camera’s potential to generate physical and temporal space parallel to an event and, effectively, place recollection on top of an unfolding moment in the present. Kids at play is spontaneous theater, each child playing the starring role. They are filled with a joy and wonder that adults can no longer comprehend. Child’s play lacks the strict rules, conventions, and social pressures of the “adult” world. For most, spontaneous play is only for children. As we mature we create inviolable personal spaces, a distance from each other with resistance and hesitation, we envy the absolute freedom and abandon of the very young. In recreating the scenes of ‘kids at play’ with adults I have sought to investigate the nature of play itself and physical space between people who have attained the age of maturity. I asked adults to recreate the playful poses I had captured when photographing the children. The title of the show is taken from the book “Our Children Today,” published in 1952 by S. W. Gruenberg, which has caught my attention. Documenting kids at play brought back memories of my own childhood in Japan. “As a child I took pictures secretly with my sister when our parents were away. We invented roles to play act for the camera. After shooting we would return the camera and keep our game a secret. This secret, of course, was revealed when our mother came back with the developed films and prints.”

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•Solo Exhibition
Our Children Today, Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

• Selected Group Exhibition

The Ballot Show, Front Room Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Wanna Play, Union Street Gallery, Chicago, IL
Montrose, Front Room Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
The Pleasure of Slowness, Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, New York, NY
Distance, Grady Alexis Gallery, New York, NY
Associated, Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
headJAM, artSTRAND gallery, Provincetown, MA
Proscenium, Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
The Ballot, Front Room Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
Varna International Biennial of Visual Arts August in Art, Videoholica. Varna City Art Gallery,
Varna, Bulgaria
Vidéo’appart, Paris, France
The 22nd Annual International Juried Show, Visual Arts Center of NJ, Summit, N J
The Women’s Caucus for Art, Arlington Museum, Arlington, TX
Super PHAT, Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY
The 13th Annual International Women’s Exhibition, Soho20 Chelsea Gallery, New York, NY
Slow Revolution, Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Open Video Call, Artists Space, New York, NY
The Ballot, Front Room Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
Twitch: A Nervous Reaction, College of Santa Fe Fine Arts Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Identity Crisis: Searching for a Sense of Self, Claypool-Young Art Gallery,
Morehead State University, Morehead, Kentucky
Media Art Festival, Ewha Woman’s University, Korea
Assembly, Front Room, Brooklyn, NY
The Panorama Project, Front Room Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
The Panorama Project, 69A Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Fictive Net Porn: A Net Art Exhibition, The Point, New York, NY
Forever Infinite, Black Dragon Society, Los Angeles, CA
The Cat’s Away, Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York, NY
Pier 40: Public Art at Hudson River, New York, NY
79.9 Megawatts, Front Room Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Endurance: Props Documentation and Other Object, Christinerose Gallery, New York, NY
Somebody, Front Room Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Group Show, Front Room Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Nijmegen’ de Paraplufabriek, Amsterdam, Netherlands
In Site 98:Window Project, Contemporary Museum of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
Group Show, Westside Gallery, New York, NY
Scope 2: Summer Video Festival, Artists Space, New York, NY
Not About Me, Visual Gallery, New York, NY
Video Room Festival, Salon 75, Brooklyn, NY

• Selected Screening

Price Art Center at Circle Cinema, Bartlesville, OK
Quotidian Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
Scratch & Twitch, Remote Lounge, New York, NY.
Fully Human, Queens Museum of Art, Queens, NY.
New York Nonfiction, Rooftop Films, Brooklyn, NY.
Synaesthesia:syn + aesthesis = perception, Fun, New York, NY.
Moving Image: 10 Years of Video, Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY.
Performed Sculpture: Downtown Art Festival, Void, New York, NY
Endurance: Downtown Art Festival, New York, NY.
Manipulated, Void, New York, NY.
Searching for A Place of One’s Own, Westerly Public Library Auditorium, Westerly, RL.
P.A.R.K. TV Berlin: Artist-initiative public access Television, Berlin, Germany.
Trench Waveforms, Cynthia Broan Gallery, New York, NY.
Collective Unconscious: The NY International Fringe Festival, New York, NY.
P.A.R.K. 4D TV: Artist-initiative public access Television, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Switcher, Void, New York, NY.
Switcher, Void, New York, NY.
The 19th Annual Poetry Film/Video Festival, Center for the Arts Yerba Buena Gardens,
San Francisco, CA.

• Curatorial work
Eros Electronica: Sex on the Small Screen. Presented by Downtown Arts Festival,
New York, NY.

•Selected Bibliography

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