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Cavier Coleman
Brooklyn, NY


ARTIST STATEMENT: Artist Cavier Coleman was born in Detroit, Michigan on the same day as Pablo Picasso, and the same year Jean-Michel Basquiat left us. A multi-talented man, with a one-of-a-kind name, Cavier was a star-basketball player at his high school, even securing a scholarship in Emmanuel College. Although his talent was undeniable, basketball wasn’t where his passion lied, and when, in his second year of college, a model scout discovered Cavier, he happily dropped out to pursue modeling full time. At the age of 19, Cavier became a signed model and, since then, has modeled for agencies all over the world — from the US to South Africa to Australia. Cavier used his time modeling wisely, learning all he could, soon becoming a photographer. His vision, and how he wants the model to pose and be displayed, makes his work immediately noticeable as a “Cavier Coleman”. His ability to turn a run-of-the-mill fashion photo into a work of art is his true blessing. Cavier makes and highlights the art in every aspect of his photos. The clothes & accessories are exhibited in front of carefully selected locations, causing them pop against Cavier’s chosen background. Models are lit to perfection, dressed to accentuate the best parts of the clothes, and of themselves. The liberal use of bright colors call the viewer’s attention to every corner of the shot, making it impossible to ignore so much as a pixel of Cavier’s pictures. Undeniably skilled at his craft, his talent allowed him to shoot for modeling agencies DNA, Request, and the world-renowned Ford Models. Cavier has also done cover shoots with Obvious Magazine, editorial spreads for OPPA Magazine, Rough Magazine, and Interview Magazine. Cavier’s artistic interests began to grow through his modeling and photography, and he could no longer deny his urge to paint, something he enjoyed as a child. Cavier says, “I remember my mother teaching the importance of having great handwriting, and with that I developed drawing skills from watching her.” Fittingly, his paintings are most influenced by Pablo Picasso & Jean Michel Basquiat, but the style is all Cavier. High contrast, bold lines, and vibrant color schemes are evident in both his paintings and photographs. His work has an extraordinary amount of depth, layers, and hidden meaning. Frequently conveying personal, political and social issues, Cavier skillfully guides the viewer's eye to each inch of every piece. Cavier has been featured in numerous shows in New York City over the past year including the Bottle Neck gallery, RAW: Artist Showcase, and The Great Pass Art Tour. Every event brings him closer to his ultimate goal of becoming a household name as a world renowned, well-rounded artist. Presently, Cavier resides in New York City and plans to travel in the near future to increase his insight in his field, to gain more inspiration and exposure, all to branch out of fashion photography. He is currently involved in several projects and has his work in numerous magazines, store displays, in agency websites, and art galleries across the globe.

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Cavier Coleman



647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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