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Richard Marcus Taylor
Columbia, MO
Neighborhood: Williamsburg


ARTIST STATEMENT: I free myself the conventions of nomenclarure, subject matter and composition to experience the raw extacy of color. The visceral impact of color and composition are paramount in my work. I will think about a composition for a long time before I execute it. Then I want it to look random and indiscriminate, even though it is actually a very controlled process. I paint multiple glazes using oil colors and solvent. This builds up a complex, deep and diaphanous texture of color. I enjoy how many wonderful things happen with many layers of color, evoking an emotional response. I seek to create an intimacy between the canvas and the viewer. My goal is to achieve a sublime, etherial, intimate, transcendental experience between the viewer and the canvas. As my canvases have grown in size, the viewer becomes increasingly immersed into the fields of pure color. I hope to achieve an experience that goes a bit beyond the typical art gallery/art viewer, one that borders upon a trancendental/emotional experience, this is what I hope to achieve through my paintings. I work on only one canvas at the same time, gazing into each painting for many hours in between each layer of color as it dries and carefully plan and proceed to the next. The painting process is very personal and intimate. I have discovered that I achieve very satifying results painting in this process. I enjoy the flow and consistency of the paint and how it flows from the brush. I explore the beauty that many translucent layers of oil colors can produce. I have simplified my painting style to maximize my exploration of color and form. This relieves the necessity for creating a narritive to motivate the paint. I believe color and form is enough motivation all its' own. It's just fine to enjoy looking at paint just for being only paint and nothing more. I do not fear my work as being "decorative" or "pretty". I am interested in invesigating a pleasing visual aesthitic. An appreciation of a work of art is a reward all its' own. WIth much trial and error, I have refined the materials and methods to create my color field works. My work has very strong influences from Rothko and recreating his painting techniques is a very personal and emotional exploration of the fine art process for me. As I have discovered, Rothko and I acheive very similar results but from slightly different painting methods. I have tapped into the same physical painting speed and motions in the application of glazes as Rothko. My results, especially with my most recent works, speaks for itself.

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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