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Steven P Harris
Brooklyn, NY

ARTIST STATEMENT: Steven Phillip Harris I use the black and white photographic medium to produce abstractions that are evocative of time and of memory. The surrealist qualities in the prints reveal images suggestive of solar flares, microscopic structures, and found objects. These prints are produced in the darkroom with analog materials with careful attention to process and materiality. Tactics include projecting imagery, painting with basic light sources over objects, and by the chemical manipulation of the medium. The concept of how a camera-less photographic image can be perceived and interpreted by the viewer is an aspect that caught my imagination. The ability of photography to document a moment of reality as an index or time based record of an event reveals the underlying matrix of the medium. However, a profound ambiguity exists in photography that can transcend the underlying meaning beyond the image as a straightforward historical record. My work involves a dialogue between the nature of the materials and the manipulation through process on one hand, and the relationships to the viewer’s imagination and perceptions of the experience on the other. In 2014, I began making abstract prints that merged ideas of the early photogram, projections of found materials, and digital negatives—combined with light painted onto photosensitive paper. The work involved chance and unexpected outcomes through experimentation in the darkroom. This process, which includes arranging elements of an image before it is exposed and materialized on paper, mimic the spontaneous freedom that can be found in dreams, unconscious thoughts, and memories. Through these actions I construct an abstract print depicting thoughts that are also an index of the translation between various objects, imagery, inscribed light and a chemical reaction. The analog photographic medium, employed in this most basic way, reveals it to be a deeply mysterious process. I wish to focus the viewer on the many visual dialects and modes of production analog photography can occupy, disrupting the familiar everyday experience with a visual translation of the mind's eye.

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Steven Phillip Harris
249 6th Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11215  917.270.7460 

2015 M.F.A., Queens College/CUNY, Flushing, NY
2012 B.A., Fine Art Photography/Digital Media, Empire State College, NY, NY
1978-81 Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
1981 Ansel Adams Photography Workshop, Yosemite Valley, California
Teaching Experience
2015 Adjunct Assistant Professor, Queens College/CUNY, Flushing NY
• September 2015, ARTS 176, Photography I, teaching analog photography as a
creative medium, photo history, camera techniques, and black-and-white darkroom
skills including film development and fine art printing skills.
2013–2015 Graduate Teaching Assistant, Queens College/CUNY, Flushing NY
• Requested as photography teaching assistant by Studio Art Chair, for digital and
analog Photography I and Photography II courses for 4 semesters.
• Assisted in classroom discussions, critiques, grade evaluations and individual
technical instruction in DSLR camera and lighting use.
• Organized exhibitions for advanced photography students at Queens College.
• Instructed students on advanced editing techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom.
2010–2012 Teaching Assistant, Empire State College, New York, NY
• Assisted professors in classroom critiques, history and grade evaluations.
• Digital fine art printer as well as software and computer technician for digital lab.
• Instructed students on advanced editing techniques in Photoshop.
Professional Experience
1992–Present Freelance Professional Photographer,
• Projects in print and digital media for corporate clients, art directors, galleries,
artists, designers, and book publishers including work for the New York Times
Magazine, Rockwell Group,Comcast Spotlight, Art in America, Sean Kelly Gallery,
Edizioni Charta, Boomberg Press, and Queens College Art Dept. among others.
• Installation photography for museums and galleries, performances and all works of
fine art for publication.
• Fine art digital and black and white analog printing for artists and art exhibitions.
• Website consulting for artists including layout, design and photography work.
• Producer/Videographer on documentary work for artists and creative projects
including an interview with Joel Shapiro and Marla Prather for the Sculptors Guild.
1990–92 Staff Photographer, Grey Group, New York, NY
1986–89 Photographic Technician, Kleurgamma, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1984–86 Studio Manager, John Manno Studio, NY
Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
Luminous Translations, Thesis Exhibition, Klapper Hall Gallery, Queens College, May 10–
17, 2015
Many Interacting Worlds, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, May 2–22, 2015
21 & Counting, The Painting Center, New York, NY, November 25–December 20, 2014
NYC Salon Showcase, Arts@Renaissance/ At the Old Gem, Brooklyn, NY, Feb. 27–March
1, 2015
Explorations: Revisited, One Art Space, New York, NY, March 17–26, 2014
Mapping the Temporal Landscape, Empire State College, New York, NY, April 25–July 3,
Dumbo Art Under the Bridge Festival, Open Studios, participating artist, 2004–2012
2012 SUNY “Best of Student Art Show” Exhibition, New York State Museum, June 5–Sept.
3, 2012
Hudson Gallery Presents: Artists of 2012, Empire State College, New York, NY, April 26–
Aug. 20, 2012
2011 SUNY “Best of Student Art Show” Exhibition, New York State Museum, June 3–Aug.
6, 2011
Mermaids by the Sea, Superfine, Brooklyn, NY, June 16–August 15, 2009The New Yorker,
Passport to the Arts NYC, Max Mara, New York, NY, November, 2009
Artwork Published
Queens College/CUNY MFA Exhibition Catalog, “Many Interacting Worlds”, 2015
Queens College/CUNY MFA Exhibition Catalog, “Explorations: Revisited”, 2014
Empire State College/SUNY Solo Exhibition Brochure, “Mapping the Temporal
Landscape”, 2013
Published Work
VISI, In NYC: The Taxi Dance by Resoborg, July, 2015
Art South Africa, “Taxi Dance” by Wesley Van Eeden, June, 2015
Radical Media LLC, “Iconoclasts”, Season 6, Marina Abramovic & James Franco, 2012
Sculpture Magazine, January/February, 2009
Eleanor Heartney, “Art & Today”, Phaidon Press Ltd, 2008
Richard Learmer, “2011: Trendspotting for the Next Decade”, McGraw-Hill, 2008
Sean Kelly, “Ulysses: Wrectified”, published on June 16, 2006
Marina Abramovic, “Balkan Epic”, Hangar Bicocca, SKIRA Editore S.p.A., 2006
R 20th Century, Art + Auction Magazine, June, 2006
Callum Innes, “From Memory”, Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2006
Ann Hamilton, “An Inventory of Objects”, Gregory R, Miller & Co, LLC, 2006
New York Times Newspaper, The Listings: June 3–9, 2005
Marina Abramovic, “House with the Ocean View”, Edizioni Charta, 2004
Julie Roberts, “Home 1993–2003”, Sean Kelly Gallery, 2003
Richard Laermer, “Full Frontal PR”, BLOOMBERG PRESS, 2003
Steinway & Sons, “Steinway”, Ronald V Ratcliffe Chronicle Books LLC, 2002
Art in America, March 2005, April 2003
The New York Times Magazine, December 2002
New York Times Newspaper, Art Review: November 22, 2002
“2012 Best of Student Art Show” Museum Exhibition, New York State Museum, Albany,
New York State Museum, June 4-Sept 3, 2012
“Best of Student Art Show” State University of New York / NY State Museum, June, 2011

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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