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Colin O.w Warde
Brooklyn, NY


ARTIST STATEMENT: Some of my earliest memories I can recall as a youngster was sitting on the front step with my siblings watching the transient clouds as they float across the blue backdrop of the sky morphing into various shapes and forms along their way. We would play this game of trying to discern identifiable shapes of animals, or even inanimate objects. In this exercise the discerning eye may be able to perceive the shape of a dog, a cat or any other animal for just a fleeting moment. Those days are long gone, but I revoke their memory so as to tie them in with what the work I’ve been doing is all about. Every artist employs a process or method in order to create his or her work. I have learnt over time to use perception to develop and configure my work. I would look at any known object and perceive some other form or shape that may or may not necessarily be related to that object in particular. I began studying this phenomenon and realized a wealth of potential. A series of transformative works has been developed resulting from this approach. The proto stages of this approach were not taken too much with profundity of thought, but just free styling easy going meddling with shape and form. Eventually it mushroomed into something more substantial. The concept grew and developed until it became my signature style. I strive to isolate and point out recognizable patterns in conventional things that may or may not be readily obvious to the eye. It’s like filling in the blanks in a word or sentence, only the pictorial version. The visual language is limitless, and each individual has a unique perspective on it. I would describe the approach to my work as my personal perspective. Numbers are the creator’s property, and can be used by the varying disciplines to establish a myriad of phenomena which already pre-exist somewhere in the universe. So also can the artist to construct and configure innumerable depictions of existing things manipulate form and shape. colin warde.

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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