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Lorenzo Sanjuan
New York, NY

ARTIST STATEMENT: I was born in Huesca, Spain, in the shadows of the Pyrenees. At seventeen, I moved to Barcelona, where I studied Fine Art while working as a CAD operator and 3D Modeler. Following graduation, I designed trade show booths and support materials, for European corporate clients. I relocated to New York in 2001, where I worked as a pre-press production supervisor first, and later, as a graphic designer. With my family, I moved to Tokyo, Japan, in 2008, where I was as an Art Teacher at an international school. Following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, we returned to New York where I am currently a in-house graphic designer at an engineering firm.

Paintings, sculptures, furniture… And most recently I have been enjoying the creative process of collaborative video projects. A variety of things... and I spend time developing artistic concepts and preparing proposals. All this thought and work accumulates and is a key part of my career as a creative person. With these, without a doubt, I grow. BUT above all… I paint. With brush …With light… With words… With camera… computer. I do not know why, but when I am on it… In the moment… I can express thoughts and emotions best visually.


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The flowing visualization of several paintings, accompanied by original music. The theme of the works, incorporated in the piece, will encompass the journeys of a fragile paper boat. One which is sailing through the painting and its colors and textures, dealing with the flowing visual rhythms and drifting on the accompanying sounds. The boat is a metaphor of change, dealing with the changes of life we all must eventually battle or embrace. Life is a restless journey through a sea of imagination, oceans of dreams, the deep well of creativity, rivers of sensations, and the swamp of timelessness. The fragile ship, from beginning to end, is responsible for its’ own transformation. It reflects upon the ideas of art and life. Life and death. We are all on the adventure of the imagination, travelling through the art object together, sharing the experience.

password: dreams "The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind. " Sigmund Freud She pauses and thinks and then replies to herself, “I will find you there, where there is always peace, and no worries. There is always yesterday and tomorrow. There I will find you. But it is here. Now. That I need to have you… “ Starring Kristen Seavey, Michael Rossi, Darko Saric and Brian Moran


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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