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Riccardo Mazzei
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Windsor Terrace

ARTIST STATEMENT: Having engaged subjects as diverse as political icons, natural and animal elements and human portrait my work reproduces emotionally charged pictorial language, arranging them into new conceptually layered pieces. These themes are combined into a collages that feature a traditional Chinese sketchings painted monochrome, juxtaposed on green tea treated paper with iron oxidations, and often embellished with uncoated white painted stenciled multilinguist text. The color white reinforce the real quality of words, suggests sense of time, and formally connect the disparate parts in each picture. The texts from fragments of poems and cubist representative provide clues to content and interpretation. I use a variety of different papers and processes in each project with consistent methodology. The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and the forms of the work. Each project often consists of multiple works, in a collage media, grouped around the following themes and meanings: Joss Paper, in representation of Mediterranean symbols; Green Paper, in honor of poetry and alchemy and Stereo Paper in offering of pagan gods. During research and production new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work.

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Riccardo Mazzei

Group Exhibitions

2013. L’Arte non trema. Modena - Italy
2011. Cure-ated. Artkillnyc&Rated Content. New York
2009. Talent PReVIEW. White Box. New York
1993. Indicazioni di rotta. Marciana Marina. Isle of Elba - Italy
1991. Polittico di S. Giovanni Trotzem. Arno River, Florence - Italy
1989. Al Muro. Stazione Leopolda, Florence - Italy
1989. Far Libro. The artists and the book.
Casermetta del Forte Belvedere, Florence - Italy
1989. Arno’. Arno River, Florence - Italy
1988. Vikingsbergart. Vikingsberg Museum,
Helsingborg, Sverige
1987. Mezzogiorno. Permanent exibition. Soho, New York
1987. Il colore e il suo contrario.
Artists against apartheid Groupe Arcipelago,
Abbazia Santa Scolastica, Bari - Italy
1985. Firenze. Piazza Santo Spirito, Florence - Italy
1984. Mezzaluna. Permanent exibition.
1295 Third Avenue, New York
1977. Oltre la matita. Video Architecture Contest. Padova - Italy

Solo Exhibitions

2014.Holy crab!. Pictorial Installation on the beach.
Marciana Marina, Elba Island - Italy
2013. Lower the fascio. Installation on the beach.
Ripa Barata, Elba Island - Italy
2012. Art into the Park. Installation “ Ad Pontem”.
Roman bridge, Maciarello, Elba Island - Italy
2008. Green Tea Paper. Bread, Spring Street, New York
2007. Stereo Paper. Hight Fidelity Collage.
Epistrophy, Mott Street, New York
2005. Mode in China. Joss Paper Collage.
Spring Street, New York
2002. Fish at Bread. Joss Paper Collage.
Bread, Spring Street, New York
1987. Espone Pitture. Domestic Gallery,
via dello Sprone, Florence - Italy
1986. Personale. Saletta ARCI, Pisa - Italy

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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