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Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Williamsburg

ARTIST STATEMENT: The main focus of my work has been and continues to be to explore with lines - in the plane or with glass edges, the infinite possibilities of what seems to be the same. I am thrilled with the projected shadows when they are interfered by light and how they connect and interact with each other, altering the color and shapes with the change of light during the day and in the space around them. __________________ ARTIST STATEMENT: My work is a repetition of calligraphic oval shapes, from paintings, to glass sculptures, to window and door interventions. I build glass boxes and fill them with broken or cut glass, sometimes painted, sometimes not. On windows and doors, I glue layers of cut glass, overlapping them. I play with their lines, edges and, thickness. Because of its transparency, the composition and the lines vary according to the spectator’s point of view.  In these interventions, the light plays the first role, by creating ephemeral and sporadic compositions throughout the day. I like the relation between surface and line, and the projections and reflections they produce. They transform a 2D work into a three-dimensional one when traversed or illuminated by natural or artificial light. Thus, projections and shadows cast on the floor and walls of the room, or on the sidewalk, create new works. The work changes with the environment, while the environment is influenced by the work itself.  Although working with the same concept of repetition and impermanence, in the cut-outs it is the process itself that leads. With a reverse approach, contained within the canvas, I work from the inside out. The surface is altered--cut, overlapped, and modified but remains whole. The canvas is the oval, as the ovals are the canvas. Looking from multiple points of view as well as various possible paths, my work is an intrinsic connection between the physical and emotional, non-dualistic space, and the relationship to it. Like ripples that expand and modify the environment, I am a part of it, and I cannot stop It.  Lia Zuvilivia, Brooklyn -2015

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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