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Katrina Majkut
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Gowanus

ARTIST STATEMENT: My cross-stitch artworks are about rethinking craft as art, craft as feminist and craft as a tool to address contemporary women’s issues – reproductive health, body image and gender roles. My art aims to modernize the feminine identities and ideals commonly portrayed within embroidery. They seek to reclaim cross-stitch as a tool to promote progressive ideas about modern women’s issues. Historically, embroidery played an important role in preparing a woman for marriage. Young, single women cross-stitched “samplers” to show off their domestic skills, scholastic knowledge, cultural values or religious morals to prospective husbands. Samplers exemplified these desirable traits to potential husbands who sought a woman with the right skills to establish a household. Our predecessors needed to stitch to attract a husband or keep a household. My artworks reject the typical, domestic functionality of samplers, taking into account current events relating to women’s health and reproductive debates. It takes a fully comprehensive look at the body and reproductive tools available to women, and the commercial packaging and weighted political underpinnings too. By using traditionally domestic mediums, like cross-stitch, I hope to address and change the conversation about the role of women and mothers, highlight ideas of what it means to be a modern woman today and to maintain this historical craft practice. Cross-stitch was used to advertise and represent women’s role as a female and a mother but bodily functions, roles and autonomy was not part of this textile practice. Until the invention of the pill, women were expected to only have children within marriage and a wife’s sole purpose was to bear children. The contrast between the historical domestic cross-stitch, its implied gender role and the birth control lies at the heart of why women’s reproductive rights are still a hot topic issue – reproductive health is still not wholly considered appropriate in such a feminine sphere. This role and function changed entirely with the pill and the passing of Roe v. Wade. What’s more is that even today acceptance of birth control as an active and essential part of modern women’s lives is lacking. This explains why as writer, Jay Michaelson put it, “Sandra Fluke, was shamed as a slut for defending the right to control her body.” Even the Hobby Lobby US Supreme Court case, shows that even a for-profit business can have more say in a woman’s access to healthcare than the woman herself. My “craft” series directly challenges this. It also challenges the domestic sphere that has contributed to so many ingrained discriminatory and limiting social reproductive mores, but takes on a bipartisan approach by showing how both can positively operate together in order to support women’s reproductive freedoms.

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2013: Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art. The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, MA.
2009: Ukrainian Language Certificate. Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute. Cambridge, MA.
2008: Post Baccalaureate Degree. The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, MA.
2004: BS in Business Administration. Babson College. Wellesley, MA.

Residency Programs:
2015: Jentel Art Residency Program. Banner, Wyoming. Apr. - May.
2014: Brooklyn Art Space. New York City, NY. June - Dec.

Selected Exhibitions:

The Personal is Political is Personal. Slater Concourse Gallery. Tufts University, Medford, MA.
#EqualityIs: Body. Global Fund for Women & International Museum of Women.
Emanation. Dacia Gallery. New York City, NY.
Engendered. Atlantic Works Gallery. Boston, MA
Objects of Consumption. UMF Art Gallery. University of Maine, Farmington, ME.
Performative Ecologies: Thinking Through Research Practices, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Breaking Tradition. Pierro Gallery. South Orange, NJ.
A Woman's Arms. Lincoln Arts Project Gallery. Waltham, MA.
Mending: New Uses for Old Traditions. UNCW Gallery. University of North Carolina, Wilmington, NC.
Woman in Control: Textile in Context. Diversity Center. Mount Hood Community College, Portland, OR.

Alarm; Alarm. The Long Hall Gallery. Worcester, MA.
Choice. Arc Gallery. San Franciso, CA.
#Hashtag. Cameron University, OK.
Choose Your Own Adventure. John Michael Kohler Art Center. Sheboygan, WI.
I do?! Visual Studies Workshop Gallery. Rochester, NY.
Center of Attention. MFA Thesis. Grossman Gallery. SMFA. Boston, MA.
Reveal. The Hallway Gallery. Jamaica Plain, MA.
Ride*. Brookline Art Center Gallery. Brookline, MA.
Creatures and Critters III: Equine and Avian Art. Richard Boyd Art Gallery. Portland, ME.
Travel the Watershed. Becket Art Center Gallery. Becket, MA.
Her Desire: 6 Artists' Exploration of the Eternal Feminine. Cushing-Martin Gallery. Stonehill College, Easton, MA.
Collections: Organizing and Interpreting an Environment. Hunt Library, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA.
Engendered: A Feminist Art Show. University California Davis Feminist Film Festival. Davis, CA.
The Other F Word. BHCC Art Gallery. Boston, MA
24th Annual Student Show. Copley Society of the Arts. Boston, MA.
Colorful Textures: Synaesthesia in Art. The Rubin-Frankel Gallery. Boston University, Boston, MA.

Wit. Mission Hill Gallery. Boston, MA.
Our Bodies, Our Health. UNCW Gallery. University of North Carolina, Wilmington, NC.
50-100-150. Riverside Gallery. Cambridge, MA.
Backlash. SOHO20 Gallery. Chelsea, NYC.
Captivating Landscapes. Moose Hill Gallery. Sharon, MA.
Give Luck a Chance. ProArts Consortium. Boston, MA.
Corporeal Constructions. Pop up show. Co-curator and exhibiting artist. South End, MA.

Dancing with Nature. Castle Hill Gallery. Ipswich, MA.
Engendered: A Feminist Art Show. UC Davis Feminist Film Festival. Davis, CA.
This and That.* Artists Crossing Gallery. Boston, MA.
Layers of Abstraction. Artist-Xchange Gallery. San Francisco, CA.

The Mark of Southie.* John Moakley US Courthouse Gallery.
Violence Transformed. Resnikoff Gallery. Roxbury Community College.
The Power of Place. Gallery Seven. Maynard, MA.

Preserving the Penguin. Installation. 1st Light Illuminated Art. Brookline, MA.
Art on the Wind. Installation. Lars Anderson Park. Brookline, MA.
Fabric of Reality. Gallery at the William Morris Hunt Library. Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, MA.
Holodomor: Remembering the Ukrainian Genocide. Knight Gallery. CCRI, Warwick, RI.
Then and Now, Again. OKW Gallery. Boston, MA.
Trees. JP Art Market Gallery. Jamaica Plain, MA.
Violence Transformed. Resnikoff Gallery. Roxbury Community College.
Art Students of New England. d.Art Gallery. East Hampton, MA.
Then and Now. Pooke Gallery. Natick, MA

“Cutting the Cake.” 2nd Annual Women’s Center Symposium on Gender & Culture. 2011.
“The Vagina Monologues.” Oakland, CA. February 2011.

“Woman And The Debate over Modern Reproductive Freedoms.” Diversity Center. Mount Hood Community College. Portland, OR. 2014.
“The Effects of Choice Feminism in Weddings.” Breaking the Rules Lecture and Panel. Stonehill College. 2013.
“Deconstructing the Past, Present and Future of Marriage.” Tufts Graduate Research Symposium. 2012.
“Patronymics as a Contemporary Issue.” Beyond the Classroom, Tufts Women’s Center. 2012.
“In The Kitchen: The Sexy and Sexist Layers of the Wedding Cake.” Tufts University: 2nd Annual Women’s Center Symposium on Gender & Culture. 2011.
“Connecting Art and Science.” Olin School of Engineering & Babson College. 2008.

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2012: Honorable Mention. SMFA Painting Area 1st Annual Show.
2008: Andrea Cilley Memorial Grant. Brookline Commission for the Arts. Brookline, MA.
2007, 2008: 1st Light Illuminated Art. Office of Economic Development. Grant. Brookline, MA.

Related Work Experience:
Guerrilla Girls Broadband Intern. Responsible for social media output, blogging and project support. 2013-2014.
Installation Assistant, Jessica Angel. AC Institute, Chelsea, New York City. December 2013

Library and Research Center, National Museum of Women in the Arts, D.C.
Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA.

The Feminist Bride, Writer & Founder,
Represented by Carol Mann Literary Agency, NYC

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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