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Lavinia C Roberts
Brooklyn , NY

Media:Collage; Books;

ARTIST STATEMENT: I create wearable pieces and sculptures; specifically masks, puppets, costumes, and other objects that are used in site-specific performances. I am deeply moved by ritual. I am interested in movement vocabularies from dance traditions from all over the world. I aim to create sacred spaces and a meditative and immersive environment. I create live performances, to share something with a community that is tactile, stimulating to all the senses, and experienced collectively. I like the ephemeral nature of live performance; a singular passing moment that is shaped and shared by all who are present. My work is deeply community centered. I am most inspired and overjoyed when immersed in a community. I care deeply about social justice, gender constructions, types of privilege, environmentalism, and humanism. I aim to transform suffering into positive caring action and fuel the seeds of understanding, respect, and beauty for all participants. Collaboration is vital to my practice, and growth as an individual and artist. I surround myself with wholesome, in thought, word, and action, artists from various mediums, that deeply nurture and inspire me. I have collaborated with poets, musicians, dancers, video artists, filmmakers, sculptures, painters, writers, fashion designers, and others. Every being, human and non human animal alike, wants to be comfortable, respected, and surrounded by kindness. I cultivate a safe and nurturing creative space, so that together, our diverse voices can blend into something better and more beautiful then when creating alone. Facilitating young people is also instrumental to my creative journey. When I create with young artists, I am always fully present, practicing mindful speech, and deep listening. I aim to affirm the artist, whenever a moment of sharing or vulnerability is presented to me. I am nurtured deeply and filled with abounding joy when creating work with the fearless and imaginative young creators I have the privilege to facilitate in schools, theatres, or community centers. I believe we attract our deepest beliefs and feelings about ourselves in relationships, whether it’s partners, friendships, or collaborators. We follow or consume what we believe deeply, what are our core desires and values. I want to share my deep respect, and love for both our breathtaking natural, material world and the beautiful, immaterial, spiritual one we all share. I believe in beautiful, sacred works that come from a place of wholeness and balance, and that leave all participants, whether my collaborators or viewers, full of joy and inspired by the natural majesty and mystery of the material and immaterial world around them.

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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