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Chris Leathers
East Hampton, NY
Neighborhood: Dumbo

Media:Painting; Drawing;

ARTIST STATEMENT: About: Chris Leathers is an artist living in East Hampton, Long Island, NY, with his super great and awesome wife and two kids. He studied at R.I.S.D, and graduated with a degree in fine art in1994. He has spent years as an animator and digital artist for, TV shows, games, and cartoons, such as the remake of the Speed Racer cartoon series, as well as illustrating books. View his other work on line at: Statement: Apart from the influences of modern and contemporary art, surrealism, animation, and new media, His work strives for a connection and interaction with a deeper spiritualistic/mathematical/scientific consciousness. "My work is a dialog not only with the process of painting and drawing itself, but with the theoretical concepts and philosophies related to the nature of thinking, time, matter, illusion, perception. We named our first daughter Maya, which I describes as "The things of illusion through which infinity is grasped". And it is this idea of an infinite subconscious boiling dream-scape which lays scarcely seen beneath reality, giving birth to all things, and all ideas, which drives the philosophy of my work". "Either that or I doodle a lot" "It is conceivable in these paintings that matter eminates from imagination, and imagination, echoes out from matter, in a paradoxical never ending, self perpetuating creation loop". quote from fabricated imaginary source Medium: “Between 2010 and 2013 - I have engaged in a study of techniques and imagery, which utilizes reprinted copies of previous drawings, reworked, and reproduced over and over again. A process I call iterative drawing. I come partially from a printmaking background and I love the variation in test proofs more than the final work in many cases. This process allows me to paint in a similar manner, keeping copies along the way and growing branches of imagery as these branches present themselves.”

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2014 - Sara Nightingale Gallery, curated by Ross Watts - GROUP SHOW - Watermill, NY.
2007 - First Thursday at Google, curated by J. Murphy and Laura Garnett - GROUP SHOW - NY.
2007 - Art Basil, satellite exhibit. Island Planning Corp.
2004 - RISD inch by inch - GROUP SHOW – Boston.
1999 - Art Space Seattle – with Katharine Hall
1994 - 3D Minds - GROUP SHOW – Miami, with Emilio Perez, James Trotter, and Andrew Superfunk
1994 - RISD Woods Gerry– GROUP SHOW - Providence, RI.
1993 – Cleveland Art Institute – GROUP EXHIBITION- Lacoste’, France.

2013 - Phillips - Under The Influance, NY. NY. ( see listing at their site )
2012 - Drawing Dreams Foundation- GROUP CHARITY SHOW - LA.CA.
2011 - EEO Bahamas - GROUP CHARITY AUCTION - Harbor Island, Bahamas.
2008 - Amy Brown: Rwanda Reporting - GROUP CHARITY SHOW - Brooklyn, NY.

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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