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Pamela A Casper
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant

ARTIST STATEMENT: My work reflects a lifelong fascination with Nature and a profound sensitivity to place. Deep engagement with the natural environment combined with close field observation and intuitive artistic freedom informs my methodology and choice of media. Fauna and flora imagery are important reference points in my painted work. Documentary and imaginary detail are recombined with an improvisational approach. I utilize salt, earth, water and resist techniques to influence the pigment and I improvise with the resulting forms and accidents to develop my imagery. Bird’s nests, tornados, plant and tree roots are reinvented to serve as metaphor for life forces. As in life, one thing leads to another as my painting subject matter propelled me into the creation of 3D objects and multidisciplinary projects. This came from an urge to expand my sensory experience and that of my audience. My 3D installation work revolves around found materials such as barbed wire, feathers and wood, combined with iron wire. I was inspired by the age-old art of wire basketry for guidance. I use traditional bending techniques to make an armature and then connect and weave found materials to create nests. In the bird forms the armature becomes a kind of skeleton, together these works reference endangered species and their shrinking habitat. Together these works reference endangered species and their shrinking habitat due to the production of waste and the expansion of mankind. I have chosen to repurpose man made and found materials to reincarnate them into an effigy of the habitat and animals we have lost and will lose. My performance work combines dance, audio and digital technologies with painted processes. Environmental themes of my paintings and object making are reinterpreted through movement, sound and visual fragments to engage concerns about the fragility of the planet. What I create is meant to inspire contemplation of the aesthetic beauty of nature and interrogate the relationship between humans and their surroundings.

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  • Roots Insects II
    Water color on Arches Paper
    H22" x W26"
    Exploring underground life processes and animals

  • Untitled

  • Root Network
    Water color on Arches Paper
    H38" x W26"
    I visualize life processes underground among the micro organisms

  • Root Network
    Water color on Arches Paper
    H22" x W26"
    Exploration of underground life processes

  • Regeneration Tornado
    Water color on Arches Paper
    H58" x W46"
    This "Tornado" explores the cycle of life as it continues underground from complex nocturnal animal to single cell organisms.

  • Diatoms Tornado
    Water color on Arches Paper
    H30" x W22"
    Microscopic organisms and their life forces

  • Frack Water
    Water Color and copper pipe
    H36" x W28"
    The brutal truth of extracting natural gas is that it threatens water safety and natural habitat for fish and other creatures including human. In this work I imagine a fracking drill bit lurking at t

  • Forest Fire Tornado
    Water color on Arches Paper
    H58" x W 46"
    Forest Fire destroys and then reverts to a progression of renewal through the presence of mushroom and birds. With climate change this renewal system is altered.

  • Untitled

  • Barbed Wire Nest with Amazon Feather
    Barbed Wire, Amazon Parrot Feather
    7" x 5" x 3"
    From the Exhibition Volumes and Voids - This work speaks to the diminishing natural habitat of bird species and other animals. The instinct for nurture remains but the woodlands are cleared and replac

  • Abandoned Next with Blue Feather
    Barbed wire and bluejay feather
    H3" x W7"
    An empty nest, made of barbed wire; the least hospitable material portends a future with no natural resources.

  • Empty Eagle's Nest
    Barbed Wire, Brillo, Telephone wire
    24" x 8" x 28"
    As part of an installation called " Emptiness" in Minden Germany. My interpretation of an empty Eagle's Nest

  • Yellow Cheek Warbler
    Oxidized iron wire
    11" x 7" x 4"

  • Passenger Pigeon
    Iron Wire
    10" x 7" x 4"

  • Blue Bird
    Iron Wire, mesh, aluminum recycled, drift wood
    7" x 5" x 3"
    Ghost Bird series - responding to endangered bird species

  • Abandoned Nest
    Wood, steel wire, barbed wire, metal mesh
    H34" x W4" x D3"
    This object reflects a future where there isn't sufficient natural resources for a bird to complete the next. The result is an abandoned nest which cannot nurture life

  • Nest Tornado
    Barbed wire, leaves and wood
    H39" x 7" x 51/2"
    Nest with Tornado form, symbolizing tornado life force in the urge to nurture.

  • Emptiness
    Barbed Wire,found wood, metal, charicoal paper, nylon thread
    W6' x D3' x H6'
    Installation of "Empty Nests" at the Mindener Museum, Minden Germany for the Exhibition "Leerer".

  • Abandoned Eagle's Nest
    Charcoal on Paper
    H36" x W40"
    The eagle builds a massive nest, a symbol of the powerful nurture instinct.

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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