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Elliot J Storey
New York, NY
Neighborhood: Bushwick

ARTIST STATEMENT: Elliot STOREY is a filmmaker, composer, illustrator and sculptor his work has been shown in many international festivals. His videos / films explore the fine line between cinema and video art. His interest in the relationship between man and the city emerges as an obsession. This fascination is explored through a dreamlike and musical mise en scene. The actors and dancers wander through a contemporary architecture. He currently is also dealing with a sculpture process which appears in his films. The sculptures evolve and interact with the narrative and performers in the films and are then exhibited. Drawings and photographies also explore his ideas on man and the city.

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Born in France
Lives and works in New York


2013 - 2014 : New York University - Steinhardt Studio Art
2008 - 2013 : Université Panthéon Sorbonne Paris 1 - Fine Art


2010-2013 Main Editor on ROCK ON BONES - documentary/fiction/musical film about Russian Rock Band - Samovar Productions

Continuing : Video work with Artist Nicola L
Continuing : Film about artist Yann TOMA at the UN
September-December : Teacher Assistant to Michael Cohen, PRAXIS Class, NYU

December through February 2014 : Studio work for artist Matthew Barney
Montrouge - Collaborative Video made with Yan Toma, Montrouge, France
Storyboard and Editing for short film by Jean Baptiste LeMercier

Editing for short video by Nicola Friess
Acting for video by Axel Ventura

August : Music for short film “Microonde” by Jean Baptiste LeMercier
April : Editor for “Ernest Lacoste’s street affair“ by Yann Toma - Exhibition "Rupture Mon amour" Maison Des Arts Malakoff
April : Films made in collaboration with Y.Toma & R.Shusterman shown at New York (USA) & Bogota (Columbia)
Voiceover for short film “La Petite Mort” by Mavi Philips
June : Documented dance piece "La Mort et l'Extase" by Tatiana Julien

September: musical composition & editing for artist Jean Faucheur, exhibition at Centre Pompidou Paris - France
June-August: Artistic collaboration : filmed performance of American Philosopher Richard Shusterman & Artist Yann Toma
January: Work for artist Yann Toma, Video


2014 –––
26th October and 12th November : MIA (Moving Image Art) Screenings, Armory Pasadena CA and Comfort Station Chicago IL
25-26 September : “RECONCILIATION : A Film Space”, Gitler & — Gallery, Harlem, New York
July : “A Reconciliation” Performance at New Intentions Performance event at The Mess, New York, Curated by Dorothy Lam
28 May - 7 June : “I Is Another” Group Exhibition, NYU, New York
May : Amateur Performativity, The Commons, New York, Curated by Lyle Ashton Harris
4 April - 4 May : “City Triptych” Solo Photography Exhibition in Collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Le Mercier, Kimmel Galleries, New York
21 February : ANXIETY video on view at COMMONS Project Exhibition, NYU, New York

2013 –––
23-24 November : Official Selection of “ANXIETY” at PROYECTOR 13.5º Festival Internacional de Videoarte, Madrid, Spain
22 November : Open Studios, NYU, New York 
October : Biennale de Jeune Création Européenne : Screening of “TRANSvision” in the Beffroi de Montrouge
15 august - 15 september: "De Ida y Vuelta" Exhibition, Geba Art Gallery Bogota , Columbia
24 - 26 July : Official Selection of “BIRTH” and “Creature Of My Dream” at - VII Mostra International de Videodanza Sao Carlos - Brasil
21 March : Official Selection "C" at VIDEOFORMES Festival - Clermont Ferrand, France
1 - 9 March : Official Selection BIRTH at Cinedans Festival - Amsterdam, Netherlands

2012 –––
1 - 7 December : Creature Of My Dream screened in installation piece at CREUSET Collective Exhibition - Espace Des Arts Sans Frontière - Paris - France
15 October - 9 November : Selection of films screened in the exhibition "Tales of the Nibelungenlied and other Storeys" - London
27 June : "Creature Of My Dream" screened at Festival Vidéo de l'espace Jour et Nuit Culture - Paris
24 May - 6 June : Exhibition of videos made in collaboration with philosopher Richard Shusterman and artist Yann Toma - Galery Michel Journiac - Paris

2011 –––
December : Pre-selection at festival "ICI & DEMAIN" - Paris - France
20 - 25 November : Collective Photography Exhibition "En Attendant" - Espace Des Arts Sans Frontière - Paris - France
November : 24e Festival Instants Video – Screened « I Saw something In The Street Last Night » at Espace 104 Paris - France
October : Official Selection of "Ah… You Waves" - Mostra International de Videodanza Sao Carlos - Brasil
30 September : "BIRTH" screened at gallery La Blanchisserie Boulogne/Paris - France
8 September : Screening/Exhibition of "A Dance With Sacha Green Pathroom"  Loving Art Event - Tel-Aviv - Israel
June : Official Selection "A Dance With Sacha Green Pathroom" at Prague Quadriennal 2011 - Czech Republic
April: Official Selection at Festival Nos Yeux Grands Ouverts – Screened "I Saw something In The Street Last Night" at Espace 104 Paris - France
25 - 27 March : Collective Exhibition “Fragments” – Espace Des Arts Sans Frontière - Paris - France
23 March : "Ah…You Waves !" screened during Tanz Nite - OperGraz - Austria
2010 –––
December : Official Selection "Ah… You Waves !" at Cinedans Festival - Amsterdam Netherlands
April: Exhibition at Alkazar (Paris 5e - France)
March: Exhibition at Alkazar (Paris 5e - France)

2009 –––
Screening of Film "Détour", collaboration with Benoit Albert at Ducourneau Theater - Agen - France


RECONCILIATION, 1h15min first feature film currently in post production, 2014
CIRCLES, 2min each, 2014
TRANSvision (made in collaboration with artist Yann Toma), 12:50min., 2013
TRANSITION # 1, 3:00min., 2013
ANXIETY, 12:50min., 2013
Hat Portrait Series, 4 channel video installation piece, 2:40min., 2013
RHAPSODY, 10:00 min., 2013
C, E & G 6 channel video piece, 5:45min each, 2013
Creature Of My Dream, 23:38min., 2012
Golden Parisian Nights (made in collaboration with artist Yann Toma and philosopher Richard Shusterman), 6:10min., 2012
Grandad Is Eighty Years Old, 62:00min., 2011
Walk The Golden Night (made in collaboration with artist Yann Toma and philosopher Richard Shusterman), 5:21min., 2011
BIRTH, 17:55min., 2011
Cats Church & Trampoline, 20:24min., 2011
Head, 3:47min., 2011
I Saw Something In The Street Last Night, 9:01min., 2011
Chateau (made in collaboration with artist Yann Toma and philosopher Richard Shusterman), 8:46min., 2010
Anight With Richard Shusterman (made in collaboration with artist Yann Toma and philosopher Richard Shusterman), 10:25min., 2010
The Couple, 9:13min., 2010
The A6b Boy, 10:19min., 2010
"Softly Like A Sleeping Body…”, 4:31min., 2010
Ah… You Waves!, 8:11min., 2010
"dripping wings and moonbeams”, 5:15min., 2010
Through Narrow Streets, 8:07min., 2010
A Dance With Sacha Green Pathroom, 7:06min., 2010
City Dance, 6:41min., 2009
Coffee, 20:01min., 2009
Detour, 61:05min., 2009

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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