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Elliot J Storey
New York, NY
Neighborhood: Bushwick

ARTIST STATEMENT: Elliot STOREY is a filmmaker, composer, illustrator and sculptor his work has been shown in many international festivals. His videos / films explore the fine line between cinema and video art. His interest in the relationship between man and the city emerges as an obsession. This fascination is explored through a dreamlike and musical mise en scene. The actors and dancers wander through a contemporary architecture. He currently is also dealing with a sculpture process which appears in his films. The sculptures evolve and interact with the narrative and performers in the films and are then exhibited. Drawings and photographies also explore his ideas on man and the city.

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This video is the official teaser trailer for my upcoming first feature (1h15min long) film called RECONCILIATION. It is a film constructed in 3 layers:
- A narrative played by professional actors.
- An abstraction of the narrative through dance scenes.
- A sculptural process having an in and out relationship with the narrative.

Two beings awake on top of a tall building, and thus come to life...

This is a video document of seven videos meant for an installation piece. Photos of installation to be seen here:!2014/c14rs

Part of series of 6 video portrait triptychs, divided into two : Female & Male The titles each one is a musical note, here G.

Rhapsody is a video freely based on the T.S.Eliot "Rhapsody of a windy night". A video in four parts, which navigates between two cities, London and Paris and two more natural backgrounds, the South of France and the french Northern sea.

Video triptych. First of a series of video portrait triptychs. The titles each come a musical note, here C.

The life of a person, backwards.

A person, being, slowly gravitates downwards to the ground and explores/performs a sort of buto dance which has been accelerated. A response in a certain sense to the former video “City Dance”, in the sense that time is now accelerated but the space, spirit and inspiration is the same (the passage from the poem written by T.S Eliot, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”: “ I wish I could’ve been a pair of claws, Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.”


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Brooklyn, NY 11217


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