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Kayo Albert
Kew Gardens, NY
Neighborhood: Williamsburg

ARTIST STATEMENT: Deeply influenced by Carl Jung and Abstract Expressionism, I am interested in our ability to store incredible amount of perceivable data in our subconscious mind. And the ability to connect with people in subliminal level.
I imagine having invisible rhizome nourished by memories dreams, images and ideas stored deep under the ground which is connecting with others to share emotion or beauty without boundaries.
My work is built on processes - process of executing my craft and that of natural phenomena such as erosion by the flow of water and wind. Fluidity of paints and organic rhythm of drawing builds layers to resemble landscape so I call it “Emotional Landscape.”
Mylar is the surface I mainly work on because of the transparency and lightness of it - unpainted sections on painting give airy openness, white becomes a color instead of background. The pieces are mounted on wood panel. Its wood grains appear through Mylar where unpainted which enhances organic tone.
Currently working on series “Haganfusui – 葉岩風水: painting with the element of plant, rock, wind and water incorporated in the abstraction” inspired by Japanese dry-landscape garden “Kare san sui.” Mimicking nature, I would like to see how much I can expand one’s creative limits. Since the participation in Governor's Island Art Fair last year, my work is evolving towards installation with 2D and 3D site-specific pieces. Mylar is largely extended its durability and flexibility to form various shapes and sizes.

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March International Womens Art Fair – One Art Space, New York, NY

February “#collagenow” – Denise Bibro Fine Arts, New York NY

January “20th Annual Salon Show” WAH Center – Brooklyn, NY


September GOVENOR’S ISLAND ART FAIR - Governor’s Island, NY


December Small Works – 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

December “Evanescence” 3 person show curated by Tansy Xiao – Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York NY

November “Landscape: Real and Imagined” curated by Eileen Jeng Lynch – Site: Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

November “Mixed Media” curated by Gracie Mansion – Site: Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

October SJAC 2018 Exhibition – Gallery Max, New York, NY

August “ALL STAR” – Con Artist Collective (198 Allen St), New York, NY

August “Drink Me” – Dab Art, Ventura, CA

July “Below the Surface” curated by Peter Gynd – 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

March Con Artist x Brooklyn Collage //Dual collective Zine Release Party – Con Artist Collective, NY

March International Women’s Day Art Fair – One Art Space, New York, NY

January “19th Annual Salon Show” WAH Center – Brooklyn, NY


All Art +: Brilliant Disguise – Van Dar Plas Gallery – New York, NY October 2017

BIOTICS – H Gallery, Ventura, CA August 2017

Small Works Show – Gallery Shoshinkan, Nagano, Japan July 2017

Cut and Paste at Con Artist Collective – New York, NY July 2017

June Bright – Gallery Current, Osaka, Japan June 2017

Art Basel “Selected artists" by Gallery Sensei – Basel, Switzerland June 2017

Life on Earth – curated by Cornelia Jensen, WAH Center, NY May 2017

“ALL +ARt” Group Show at Van Dar Plas Gallery – New York, NY April 2017

“ReMix” Juried Show at SYNC Gallery – Denver, CO March 2017

“THE BOX” Group Show at Con Artist Collective – New York, NY February 2017

“18th Annual Salon Show” WAH Center – Brooklyn, NY January 2017

“Bubbles” Group Show at Con Artist Collective – New York, NY January 2017

Juried Group Show at Catalyst Gallery – Beacon, NY December 2016

Juried Group show at Art Mora -New York, NY December 2016

2016 International Juried Exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Art – NJ November 2016

The Maverick Expo Represented by Gallery Sensei– Paris, France November 2016

“Interconnectedness” Con Artist Collective – New York, NY April 2016

“17th Annual Salon Show” WAH Center – Brooklyn, NY January 2016

“IS/IS NOT Pure Abstraction” at Con Artist Collective – New York, NY January 2016

“ARRIVAL” – Art Gala – Miami, FL December 2015

“Atmospheric” at Con Artist Collective – New York, NY August 2015

“Black & White” curated by Christiane Paul at BWAC – Red Hook, NY August 2015

“New Unconsciousness” SciArt Center – New York, NY June 2015

WAH Bridges Self at WAH Center – New York, NY May 2015

New York Art Expo – New York, NY April 2015

“PHANTASMAGORIA” – Kunsthall Project, Brooklyn, NY April 2015

16th Annual WAH Salon Art Club Show at WAH Center – New York, NY January-February, 2015

“Over the Edge: Paperworks Unbound Part2” at WAH Center – New York, NY December 2014

“Over the Edge: Paperworks Unbound Part1” at WAH Center – New York, NY October 2014

Exit Art- 9/11 Benefit Exhibitions, New York, NY December 2001

Art Benefit for Sept.11 Fund - New York, NY October 2001


School of Visual Arts, New York, NY - Fine Arts 1997

Studio School, New York, NY - Painting 1994

Saga Art College, Kyoto, Japan – Visual Design 1984


Gallery’s choice award – 440 Gallery “Small Works” December 2018

Juror’s choice award – 440 Gallery “Below the Surface” August 2018

Publication in Zine by Gallery Sensei for Art Basel – Switzerland June 2017

Permanent Collection at Yuko Nii Foundation – New York 2017- 2018

Publisher Prize Award for Winter Release Expo by Friend of the Artist December 2016

Honorable Mention by (UN)SCENE Art Show March 2015

Works held in private collections in the United States, France, Great Britain, Japan, Australia


Con Artist Collective 2014 to present


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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