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Rosetta T DeBerardinis
Washington, DC

ARTIST STATEMENT: As an artist, I apply the colored pigment onto the surface out of a necessity to transfer an internal emotion onto an external form. Color is my language. It speaks to me. I lay it down in a dance with the surface and watch it take shape and form in its own time. The objective is to use color as an agent to define formation, texture, shape and line as an expression. I am merely a conduit for the pigment and unable to walk away from its urgency and immediacy requiring my complete attention. It is a dance between me and the surface hearing only its music which compels me to create what never existed before. As I work, I see connections, images, signs and formations as the pigment moves, drips, bubbles, flows and travels along the confines of the surface. I often manipulate the magic by rotating the canvas or using instruments to create an effect. The work becomes a manifestation of my spiritual vibration used as an expression of my compelling artistic need to communicate. My work is reliant upon the historical context and techniques of abstraction as a backdrop for expansion. Jackson Pollock and the New York abstract expressionist movement laid a foundation for its development. I create work within the genres of abstract expressionism, action painting, geometric and lyrical abstraction, Washington Color School and Colour Field. Like Pollock, I prefer the floor to the easel; although I use both. I begin with an underlying painting then add multiple layers of brushstrokes, using spoons, paint stirrers, turkey basters, forks, drips, throwing, or swirling liquid pigment using a gloved-hand. I use my hand to push, pull and create thick vs. thin, narrow or wide lines of varied colored pigment, never relinquishing control. Moving the fluid pigment against the raw surface creates the magic. I move around the canvas as I work. I take pleasure in watching the beads of paint roll, the thick globs drip and the brush strokes widen. The great joy in the work I do is watching an image transform. I then watch it take shape and design according to its own path and direction. I mix color on and off the surface, using spatial ambiguity, gestural strokes and madness to push each work to new boundaries. I do not accept the first level of imagery. I continue to add layer upon layer until the canvas speaks to me, signaling dismissal that my work is done. My paintings are fluid, they move, dance and transform first into what I see, and later into what the observer sees. The imagery is different for each viewer. The final product results from my dance steps with the paint set against the surface. The work transmits color, form, texture and density rendering new discoveries with each viewing.

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  • Flash Point
    Acrylic, tempera, enamel
    48" x 48"
    Swirls of colored pigment dance across the canvas creating formations.

  • Circus-Sixteen
    Acrylic, tempera, enamel, salt
    3" x 3"
    Color and line dance with formation.

  • Truth to Power-One
    Acrylic, tempera, oil pastel, glitter gel, spray paint
    5" x 4"
    Line and organic formation merge.

  • Truth to Power-Three
    Acrylic, tempera, oil pastel, glitter gel, spray paint
    5" x 4"
    Color and organic formations merge.

  • Truth to Power-Two
    Acrylic, tempera, oil pastel, glitter gel, spray paint
    5" x 4"
    Color, line and organic formations merge.

  • Circus-Nine
    Acrylic, tempera, enamel, salt
    7" x 5"
    Brillant colors set against bold yellow striped by lines.

  • Downtown
    36" x 60"
    Varied colored brushstrokes dance across the picture-plane to evoke energy.

  • Boogie-Woogie:One
    Acrylic, sumi ink
    24" x 24"
    Melding the geometric with the gestural created peeks of light and dark between colored pigment.

  • Lemon Drops
    Acrylic, tempera, enamel
    30" x 24"
    Thin versus thick gestural strokes in varied pigments dance across the picture-plane.

  • A Moment of Silence
    Acrylic, tempera, enamel
    48" x 48"
    Geometric encased by gestural strokes of swags write a language across the canvas.

  • Circus-Thirteen
    Acrylic, tempera, enamel, bead gel, oil pastel, glitter gel
    3.25" x 3.25"
    Color merges line and formation.

  • Circus-Fifteen
    Acrylic, tempera, enamel, bead gel, oil pastel, glitter gel
    3.25 x 3.25
    Color dances across the canvas merging formation with line.

  • Hop Scotch
    36" x 36"
    Linear gesture intersects with organic formations to created energy and dimension.

  • Erotic Contemplation
    Acrylic, tempera, enamel
    60" x 72"
    Organic formations meshed with gestural strokes.

  • Neighbors
    Ink, acrylic on canvas
    12" x 16"
    Architectural structures abutting each other to define depth and dimension.

  • Topography: Two
    Ink, pencil, oil paste
    36" x 24"
    Adjoining structures defined by height, dimension and color.

  • Brooklyn
    Ink, crayon, graphite on canvas board
    Capturing the energy, grit and beauty of the urban landscape.

  • Ascension
    Clay and wood
    22" x 10" x 8"
    Poured clay, fired and cleaned rests atop seasoned wood with an exit and entry.

  • Circus-Eight
    Acrylic, tempera, enamel, salt.
    Color merges line and formation.

  • Circus-Six
    Acrylic, tempera, enamel, salt
    5" x 4"
    Line against color and formation.

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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