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Nancy Radloff
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Dumbo

ARTIST STATEMENT: I went to school at California Institute of the Arts in 1973 and have recently returned to making art. I find myself with many of the same issues and concerns now, as I did then, though now seen through the perspective of my personal history of mental illness and recovery. (Due to the severity of my life-threatening illness, I was unable to participate in society for almost fifteen years; unable to produce any art, and overwhelmed with fears, depression and psychosis. Overcoming this illness has left me with the feeling that I can do anything I want to do, and, at this time, I'm trying to finish what I set out to do thirty years ago.) As a child, I felt secure knowing that the drawers were completely shut, doors closed, no water on the floor to slip on, curtains drawn to keep out the bad things... a kind of voodoo, in a way. I'm trying to recreate situations that were once so familiar to me and gave me such a sense of security. I'm again using familiar household materials from home and hardware stores. I'm working on open-ended narrative events in a "sort of personal" landscape. The linoleum floor references the "behavioral institutions" I used to frequent: utilitarian, devoid of comfort, completely sanitized -- effective protection from a variety of abominable liquids. The seemingly identical plastic trees are a representation of nature made safe at the price of its authenticity. after returning to art making i started to show my work.

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Nancy Radloff: Born Los Angeles, California. Currently Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.
Education: BFA CalArts / California Institute of the Arts 1973 – 1976 Exhibitions
 Extraspazio - Rome, Italy March 20 – April 24, 2009 Solo exhibition
 Outrageous Look – New York, USA January 27 – March 10, 2007
Solo exhibition
 Metis-NL – Amsterdam, Netherlands October 6 – November 4, 2007
Solo exhibition
 Outrageous Look – New York, USA February 18th – March 20, 2006
Solo exhibition
 Extraspazio – Rome, Italy October 6 – November 18, 2006 Solo exhibition
 Pratt Institute – Brooklyn, New York Together Alone, A New Portraiture December 2-30, 2013
Group show
 Peter Fingesten Gallery / Pace University – New York, USA Let The Nouns Fool Around
November 2-29, 2010
Group show
 NurtureArt – New York, USA Human Scale
March 5th – April 17th 2010 Group show
 Outrageous Look – New York, USA Intermittent Territory for Alienated Figures February 18th – March 20, 2006
Group show

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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