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Howard M Skrill
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Park Slope

ARTIST STATEMENT: I draw and paint, plein air and in studio works, public figurative statuary for my art series, the Anna Pierrepont Series. The images are often combined with words into pictorial essays that explore the traumatic and often violent erasure of collective and personal memories that arise in both the installation and removals of public statues. The Anna Pierrepont Series, unsurprisingly, is being caught up in the rising tide of the evictions of objects and the backlash to the evictions since the rise to power of the current American president, particularly since Charlottesville. Recently, I have begun creating images of the actual removals, antihistory paintings of sorts that, in their material natures, reveals the forcing of memory’s erasure as it unfolds and accelerates in the contemporary moment. These latest works (in addition to earlier pieces with the similar themes) have been assembled into my ‘Bonfire of the Vanities from the Anna Pierrepont Series’, partially named after the destruction of artworks in Renaissance, Florence at the urging of a reactionary friar. The pictorial essays are being published worldwide in popular, literary and academic publications, in addition to being exhibited in academic and other public exhibition spaces, and open studios, in NYC and elsewhere, including exhibitions on public and political art that included numerous works from the series. The series’ central purpose is to interrogate how groups come to ‘speak through the city’ by additions of artworks to public places and how this power can shift between groups thus marooning the objects that speak for the past in the present with often unhappy consequences, including evictions and violence relating to evictions. I encourage viewers to recognize the dissonance between earlier epochs’ efforts to shape memory and identity in marble and bronze products of the artistic imagination, where the persuasive power of the objects has become exhausted, leaving the objects vulnerable to real and rhetorical bonfires. My images come into being through visual encounters with objects that have somehow survived the bonfires of the past and that can be represented in the perpetual present transformed by dynamic changes in light and color in things, ideally encountered out of doors, and that have originally been created by other artists. I have named the entire project after Anna Marie Pierrepont, a grand dame of 19th century Brooklyn interred in one of the most magnificent tombs in Green-Wood Cemetery in walking distance from my home in Brooklyn, New York. I named the series after Anna, because I recognized in her strident efforts to maintain her memory and the ultimate failure of that effort, something of the hapless Ozymandias from antiquity and his trunkless legs of stone in the vast desert of Shelley’s poem and more recently with Nathan Bedford Forrest and his horse hanging from a grappling hook in 2018.

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2015 - ‘HMS Jersey’ at the Callahan Center Gallery/St. Francis College and online []
2011 - ‘Anna Pierrepont Series’ at the Callahan Center Gallery at St. Francis
2006 - ‘Thru Rain’ at Chashama Gallery, New York, NY
2006 - ‘Thru’ at Safe-T Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2019 “55 Water St.’ Dumbo, Brooklyn [March-April 2019]
2019 ‘Political Discourse’ at Riverviews Artspace, Lynchburg, VA [March-April 2019]
2019 ‘!!!PUBLIC ART??? ’ at Ramapo College’s Berrie Performing and Visual Art Center [February-April 2019]
2018 ‘The Company that you Keep’ at the Park Slope/Windsor Terrace Artist Studios
2018 ‘Madonna and...’ at Ossam Gallery of the Gowanus Open Studio, Brooklyn, NY
2018 Spring Salon at Greenpoint Gallery
2018 ‘Memoriae Engendered’ at Ossam Gallery Brooklyn
2017 ‘Heads have Rolled’ at The Boat House Show of the Gowanus Open Studio, Brooklyn, NY
2017 ‘Bust of Webster’ at Picture Social Justice and Human Rights/Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis and Social Justice, Brookline, Ma
2016 ‘Confederate and Union war memorials’ at Nationalism/Belonging not Belonging Group Exhibition at Holy Family University, Philadelphia, Pa
2006-13 ‘Faculty Exhibition’ at CUNY - Bronx Community College
2005 Thru’ at Dumbo ‘Under the Bridge Festival’ at Safe-T Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2005 ‘Color Mix’ at Studio/Gallery 64, Brooklyn,
2004 ‘Friends’ at Studio Gallery 64, Brooklyn, NY
2002 ‘Site Lines’ at the Callahan Center Gallery at St. Francis
2002 ‘Thru’ at Object Image Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2000 Intervention/Tiffany Permanent Collection at Queens Museum of Art, Flushing, NY
2000 ‘Altered Realities’ at Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY
1997 ‘Urban Landscape’ at Wheaton College, Wheaton, Mass.

2019 [Pending] ‘Death Wish’ in Slag Glass City
Spring 2019 [Pendng] ‘Portfolio and Interview’ in the Orange Quarterly’s Spring Issue
Winter 2019 ‘Selections from the Anna Pierrepont Series’ in Dodging the Rain[in two parts 1-7 and 1-14]
Winter 2019 [Pending] ‘Women’ from the Anna Pierrepont Series in NarrativeNortheast
October 2018 Panelist at the Comics and Justice Conference at St. Francis College/Panel on Comics, Politics, Resistance and Censorship
May 2018 ‘Captain American on the Battlefields of Brooklyn’ in Freezeray [Issue #15]
April 2018 Washington Square Arch [cover art] for April issue of Five on Fifth
February 2018 Works from the Anna Pierrepont Series - including a meditation on monument removal in the City Key
February 2018 Lawson and His Granddaughter, The Charles Carter February issue
January 2018 Artis On No.5, Issue on Iconoclasm and Vandalism: Evicting Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson from the Hall of Fame for Great Americans
December 2017 Belle Ombre ‘s Howard Skrill’s Anna Pierrepont Series
October 2017 Profile and Interview on Gowanus Open Studio’s Facebook page
Fall 2017 ‘HMS Jersey’ in War, Literature and the Arts
August 2017 Teetering in Streetlight Blog [Charlottesville]
June 2017: ‘Speaking through the City: The Evictions of the Triumph of Civic Virtue over
Unrighteousness’Lecture at Brooklyn Boro Hall to the Society of Old Brooklynites
April 2017 Four drawings from Green-Wood Cemetery published in Grief Diaries
September 2016 Remarks at the Re-Dedication of the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument quoted in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle
April 2016 Drawing of Snowdon published in Rao Reports
March 2017 Drawing of Edward Snowdon published in UK’s Average Art [hard copy]
December 2015 ‘Selected Drawings’ in Writing Disorder
October 2015 ‘Asia from the Customs House’ in Vanderbilt Republic
Fall 2015 ‘Works from 1990s’ Kyso Flash
Fall 2015 ‘Cover Art of the Fall 2015 Issue’ Red Savina Review
July 2015 ‘The Anna Pierrepont Series: Art of Howard Skrill’ in Columbia Journal
April 2015: ‘Civic Virtue’ in Assisi: An Online Journal of Arts and Letters of St. Francis College
December 2014 ‘Erasure’ in Newfound: An Inquiry of Place
Fall 2014 ‘Brooklyn Dirge’ in 3Elements Review, Issue 5, Fall 2014,’and Interviewed
Fall 2014 ‘Return’ in Slag Magazine, Issue 2,
[ on pg. 11’]


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Brooklyn, NY 11217


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