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Roger Voelker
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Greenpoint

ARTIST STATEMENT: Roger Voelker is a New York artist that has exhibited all over the United States and in Barcelona (Spain). His art shows a special interest in exploring different cultures from Ancient to Modern times. We can find concepts and ideas that relate to rituals, legends and mythology. In his art work we can see how different elements of nature have been used by man to create their reality or myth. This is the best metaphor of his visual representation. Looking at his work one can sense the primitive spirit that inspired art. It is through this primitive way of expression, that motivated primitive men to paint in caves, with the use of colors, shapes and textures where man can find the ultimate goal of art: to transcend and become immortal, a key idea that will inspire any artist. Roger Voelker´s most recent works are titled: Fire, Genesis, Cave and Light and Darkness. His latest four pieces: Woman with jewels, Tree in cement, Totem and Artifact have been influenced by the mystical and spiritual approaches of how American Indians try to make an artistic representation of their reality. He uses the textures of tin cans and stones to evoke the jewels and crafts created by American Indians. Silver is a predominant color in these pieces as it is constantly present in the creations of jewels by Native Americans. Roger Voelker believes that we live in a world of crisis that needs to build the bridges with the past, a world that needs rituals, totems and artifacts. He uses them as amulets that can protect us from the alienating forces that oppress the modern man. In a world of war, desolation, isolation and daily frustrations we must do a retro and introspective journey to find the renewal energy of rituals that connect us back with life. The many artificial intelligences men have created that are ruling mass societies have alienated the soul of the modern man. Roger Voelker wants to reconnect with nature´s intelligence, wisdom and intuition. As a shaman the purpose of these pieces is to heal the soul of the viewer.

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Brooklyn, NY 11217


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