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Adel Maxwell
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Bushwick

ARTIST STATEMENT: ADEL MAXWELL // Existential Explanation

Adel Maxwell is a conceptual artist who’s work belies it’s being. When the formalities of tradition are eschewed, his artwork begins to coalesce. The dichotomy of contemplation and spontaneity manifest in his experimental applications of “practical artworks”; what is considered painting and drawing, sculpture, and installation. By producing works that are ostensibly definitive, Adel Maxwell brings the tradition of art making and contemporary evolution to a head. His work is a constant process that draws from experiential circumstance, cultural examinations, and ethical taboos. His various musical projects, short films, and theatrical performances lend themselves to this reigning creative notion. In a maelstrom of existential uncertainty, certain motifs become apparent: necessity, practicality, and survival.
Utilizing every resource available , without prejudice or idealistic agenda , the reigning philosophy that provokes creation is gradually excavated . Each production offers yet another fragmented shard of the mirror ,  that which conveys a portrait of our being , - long since shattered and dispersed , reflecting the otherwise immaterial and enigmatic stuff that is human .
In order to validate oneself , external verification is required . However , personal justification must be internalized before validation can blossom via social catalyst , - Nature has established all of the compulsory ingredients for such actualization , however , social and technological innovations have borne a network of complex tributaries that have both diluted and intensified the task . Existence affords the relationships that direct perceptual sequencing : human relationships , object relationships , locational relationships, and conceptual relationships ; one’s experience within the varied relational spectrums will derive their personal system of values . The way by which one finds themselves relating to the varied circumstances define who they are , and in turn how they are perceived ; generating unique notions of life and existential alternatives : belief of what is , and what is not , or what should be , or should not .
These productions are a form of re-appropriation ; congruent with the diversities and shortcomings of communication , each method of creation is considered and applied in the way that seems most practical . The spontaneity and inexplicability of the method suggests something primal , something erratic as life itself , something that may be considered a priori . At this point in human evolution there is no absolute distinction possible betwixt what is Art and what is Life , for subjectivity and conceptuality have formed an inseparable union to which definition convolutes , yet the task now poses an exploration as well as a pastime of itself . Materials encountered by chance , refuse of a given society , may be readily applied or remain dormant until the correct application becomes apparent . Such creative byproducts are the results of serendipitous excavation , at times ostensibly traditional or formalistic in approach , however , the process by which the materials are obtained and manipulated pose an ironic dissonance : the Other - latent possibilities that have been overlooked or ignored .

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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