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New York, NY
Neighborhood: Park Slope

ARTIST STATEMENT: The specific presentation can be seen as the closing of a full circle, or perhaps as the completion of an upward aiming double helix where each spiral is one thematic entity: the descriptive / visual under the title “Ballad about Life in a Big City” and my most recent collection of abstract works under the title “Atermons” (perpetuals, endless). * Also a few samples-references about my most academic works and technics (portraits-paintings-drawings) “BALLAD ABOUT A BIG CITY” This specific work is just a melancholic song, a ballad about life in the big city. The characteristic name “Seeing Through” -the title given to two compositions- could actually be the recurring typical theme that penetrates through all the sequence of the works, revealing not only the conceptual / semantic approach but also the actual process of form development. As the artist creates his forms, he also reveals how much his glance is longing for a deep understanding of nature: his glance is focused intently, with pleasure and nostalgia, on the contrasts of the surrounding scenery that is euphemistically called “civilization”…The human form, where present, is fleeting, faceless and lonesome, providing only the spark that “ignites” the dramatic element in the picture. The whole has been meticulously planned and orchestrated to evoke puzzling questions about the deeper meanings of life, death and time. “ATERMONS” The concept and philosophy of this work is following two intertwining directional lines: The first one is aiming towards the composition of abstract forms, as these are subliminally perceived through the traces of some evanescent motion, employing more or less traditional elements and techniques, defining and bringing out the form with the use of light and shadow. Te second conceptual axis, reintroducing the artist’s natural rhythm, is an exploration of the possibility to slow down his momentum through a “relieving activity”, that is, by allowing him to mark his personal authentic trace on the painting surface, then leading him further to the subsequent search for the physiology of the form, through the “conversation” with this developing and evolving trace. The work under the symbolic title “POLLOCK’S MONUMENT” is a tribute to the pioneer of modern art and at the same time an attempt to create a landmark “monument”. It is suggestively addressed to a public that is not looking for the revival but for the meaningful utilization of past conquests. Ballpoints Atermons / "Where I Am" project Part of my “Atermons” thematic is the (Ballpoints Atermons) on smaller size, which are made, not without a reason, with a simple BIC on plain copy paper. This part of work, named BALLPOINTS, serves the philosophy, as well as my need for action in the time “here and now”. Ioannis Mavrikakis

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In my dual role as a Visual artist and Fine arts educator I recently focus on issues related to motion and kinesthetic experience.
My main thematic “BALLAD FOR A BIG CITY” and the latest abstract “ATERMONS” represent the two sides of the same coin in my work (Figurative/Abstract).


2016 Brooklyn Library “SKILLSHARE” annual event. Workshop entitled “ART SPACE Exploring Your Creativity”
2009-2010 Developed a Fine Arts Workshop in Mouzaki, Thessaly for primary school students
2003-2006 Developed a studio for art instruction in collaboration with the Cultural Organization,
1987-1989 Brought studio arts to children in collaboration with the cultural Organization, Ioannina
1987 -1989 Created a fine arts workshop in collaboration with the Women of Konitsa Society,
Ioannina 2016


2014 – 2015 Department of Education - 13th High School of Heraklion – Grete, Greece
Fine Arts Teacher
Taught high school level children visual arts (drawing, painting, and other techniques) and art history
Organizing one year project helping students discover visual arts and school environment through motion.
2003 – 2014 Department of Education - Music School of Trikala – Trikala, Greece
Fine Arts Teacher
Taught high school level children visual arts (drawing, painting, and other techniques) and art history
Planned and presented art displays and exhibitions designed to exhibit students’ work for the school and the community
Prepared students for participating in competitions including a drawing competition, the Second PanHellenic Competition - Diasporas’ Schools included - sponsored by the Education Department of Greece
(1st Prize – Lead Teacher and Special Awards – Lead teacher )

2002 – 2003 Department of Education in 5 Public High Schools – Kastoria, Greece
Fine Arts Teacher
Taught high school level children visual arts (drawing, painting, and other techniques) and art history


September, 2014, “BODY: School-ART-Life”, an essay describing body language with the body as motif, to be discovered through ART (using school life as the framework compared to everyday life), 32th Study course of the Fine Arts Teachers’ Union, ATHENS SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS
September, 2010, “A School in a school”, an essay describing the ways and lines for internal and external decoration of a school, 28th Study course of the Fine Arts Teachers’ Union, ATHENS SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS
September, 2008, “Tsoukou-Tsoukou* and his clear view”,a n essay comprising drawing and writing, 26th Study course of the Fine Arts Teachers’ Union, ATHENS SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS *The comic’s character code name

Visual Arts/ Exchibitions


“Beer and Art”, FIX Beer Factory, 2012
“Podilatizo”(Cycling), (a group exhibition of bicycles and cycling), Eikastiko Kentro Art Gallery, Trikala, 2012
“Contemporary Fine Arts and OLDTIMERS”, 2011, ART CARGO, Angela Dikaioulia, Curator
“With One Drachma in Art”, Titanium Gallery, Athens, 2011 - Installation and script under the same title, “Every Day Crime”, 1987 – 2005
“Art Meets Media”, organized by ART CARGO in “VETO” newspaper installations – Photography under the title “Real Models”,2010
“ATERMONS”/abstract, in “the Old ironsmith’s workshop” , by “ANGELA DIKAIOULIA”, 2008
Participated in the second ART CARGO at ELGEKA, 2008
Participated in the first of the ART CARGO exhibitions, organized by Angela Dikaioulia, on a yacht, 2007
“Still Life in Oils”, along with patron portraits, Eklogi Art Gallery, 1985
Exhibitions - Graduate Class, Athens School of Fine Arts, Conservatory of Athens, 1984


“Playground”, painting exhibition and workshops for children and adults, Eikastiko Kentro Art Gallery, Trikala, 2011
“Worlds of Glass”, photography exhibition and happenings in Lara’s Bar, Ionnina, 2010
“Exodus”, painting and drawing exhibition, Arsakio in Patras under the auspices of Patras Cultural Development Municipal
Enterprises («ΔΕΠΑΠ») , 2010
“PhotoGraphy”, SUITA Art Café, 2009


2016 2nd Place in “AD ASTRA” BLICK Competition / New York

2014 1st Prize – Lead Teacher Second PanHellenic Competition - Diasporas’ Schools included – Sponsored by the
Education Department of Greece / Music School of Trikala – Greece
o Special Awards – Lead teacher (in the same competition)

2011 Lead teacher, Students Photography Competition- Winner: “I like – I don’t like, in my City”, Trikala - Greece,
1st School of Trikala

1977 Scholarship, Athens School of Fine Arts / Ranked number one in the entering class

1974 Winner, PanHellenic Contest, Walt Disney Productions / Won a trip to Paris


Athens School of Fine Art, Athens, Greece
BA, Fine Arts 1984
Studio Painting / Theoretical courses (Art History and Pedagogy)


● Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece: ● Union of Fine Arts Teachers in Greece:


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Brooklyn, NY 11217


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