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Omer Golan
Brooklyn, NY

ARTIST STATEMENT: In my work I study the connection between human experience of the arts and the social aspects of artworks, often by exploring different levels of interactions with the viewers, on the line between passive to active. I think of my work as Socially Aware Art – our projects are site‐specific in the sense that they respond to their surroundings, both physically and socially, by creating mediated environments in which participants can communicate, both synchronously and asynchronously, and participate in reciprocal message exchanges. I always think about the positioning of my audience, about their motivations within specific types of media environments that I create for them, and always with regards to the dynamic of interaction through the engagement with concepts that can be politically challenging, intellectually or emotionally stimulating, or simply raise awareness to a new kind of aesthetics experience. What I aspire to achieve in my works is the pre‐intellectual experience. I believe that a great part of the functionality of art for humanity is the pure essence of effect on the affect that can be evolved into layers of thought of the mind and intellect. I aim to alter normal individualistic “white cube” experience by utilizing knowledge from multiple disciplines to provoke socially‐aware encounters among visitors. The visitor’s experience is the focal point of my creations. My installations act to invite people to exercise cooperation and social power, as well as experience new forms of group communication, common to the Information Age. Interaction between space and people is mediated through low and high technologies, mixed media tools and intuitive interfaces.

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OMTA​ (founded 2006) represents the artistic collaboration of international media artists Tal (1981) & Omer Golan (1980). OMTA has exhibited in the US and abroad including shows at ArtZond Festival of Conceptual Art in Russia; The Hive NYC Art Space, De-construkt Projekts Gallery in New York City; and a permanent display at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem. OMTA are current contributors to university New Media Art curriculums in Hong Kong, at the University of West Sydney, Tel Aviv University, and Bezalel Academy. Among other notable collaborations, the artists have completed commissioned work for Google, Art-Link, and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
The united duo specialises in the intersection of fine art and technology through highly visual presentations of interactive media. As forerunners in innovative research, OMTA creates artistic displays that encourage viewer participation in order to conduct studies regarding human interaction, digital mediation, and social awareness.
About the Artists
Tal Golan​studied at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague (KABK) before obtaining a B.A. degree in Psychology at the Open University of Israel. She contributes a studied fine art perspective and a scientific awareness of human interaction and communication.
Omer Golan​received a B.A. degree in Social Studies and Humanities from the Open University of Israel. His driven curiosity regarding the human state and technological advance fuels his artistic productivity.
Their background is in fine arts, mainly in painting, (2001-2006) and in 2005, while living in Leiden Holland, their work began to focus more and more in the fields of new-media art, net-art, conceptual art, installation art, and interdisciplinary collaborations w​ith dance companies, fashion designers, biotechnologists, and musicians.

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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