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Andrea Reese
Brooklyn, NY


ARTIST STATEMENT: ARTIST STATEMENT- ANDREA REESE Between 2005 and 2010, I came out as, in this order, a vegetarian, a lesbian and a photographer. Previously, I'd been a boy-crazy carnivorous actress and writer. How did this happen? I like to kid around that all the tofu I started eating changed my estrogen levels, turning me gay, but in fact all three changes were about stepping into my truest self, and all are reflected in my photography. I am constantly exhilarated by what I see in front of me. Gum on a bathroom wall in a certain shape might resemble to me the face of a cat, meowing loudly to be photographed. The pointy top of a Manhattan building could easily suggest to me a minaret in Morocco, with a man on a loudspeaker calling out "Take my picture, and be sure to catch that interesting cloud floating beside me." I'm especially in love with portraiture, which naturally followed from the passion I had in theater for so long. Connecting with other human beings, understanding what makes them tick, and capturing that in images is what makes me tick. When I look through my camera at anything in front of me, whether an object, a place or a person, I’m always using my artist’s eye, which is tantalized by shapes, lines, shades, textures and light. When what is in front of me is a person, this adds a whole new thrilling dimension to the experience for me, of energy, warmth and an intense fascination with bringing out that person’s most authentic self. My projects have included photographs of people and their senior pets, showing the intense bond that exists after years together; a lesbian couple of ten years playfully enacting classic movie scenes and countless portraits. If my photographs give you a feeling of connecting with people you haven't yet been introduced to, or seeing everyday things in a completely new way, then I am very happy.

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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