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Jeremy Mezarina
Brooklyn , NY
Website: http://
Neighborhood: Sheephead Bay

ARTIST STATEMENT: Done drawing for 13 years and painting for 4 years. I love to draw and paint buildings, especially like the ones in New York City. I like drawing and painting from my favorite movies/series Star Trek. I’ve done both drawings and paintings of star ships from Star Trek for 3 years. Why Star Trek? Space is full of possibilities, imagination. Both possibilities and imagination is what defines art. Everyone has this, they just need to explore this. I’ve recently done this year (2015) sculpture and mixed media art. In mixed media art, I’ve realized how recycled items can be used to create art. There are many examples of this like a Book art and plastic art. A book was used for reading, but now it can be used to create art. We use plastic spoons for eating, but now it can be used to art. If you’re interested in my works, please feel free to contact me at my cell number: 929-235-2624, at my email:

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  • The Enterprise comes into my neighborhood
    acrylic on papar
    8.5 x 11
    Imagine if one of the ships like the Enterprise actually passes by the outer atmosphere of Earth right into my neighborhood, wouldn't that be cool!

  • A Lighthouse in Color
    pencil, permanent marker, scented markers
    8.5 X 11
    Using a photograph of a lighthouse, I trace the image with a pencil and then colored it in. If you compare the two images, in terms of color, they look nothing alike.

  • A Train/Future Path
    11-21-07, colored in 2014
    pencil and permanent marker. Then oil pastels, gouache pain and scented markers
    8 X 11
    This artwork is very significant because this was my first drawing in college. This was drawn in 2007 with a pencil and over with a permanent marker. Then in 2014, I decided to colored it in with any

  • A Terrible Day
    11-13-08, colored in 2014
    permanent markers.Then colored scented markers, gouache paint, oil pastels
    8.5 X 11
    This artwork is very significant and should be familiar to everyone. I was 12 years when this event happened, which was actually when I started to draw. This is the only artwork where I use only one c

  • The Future
    2008, colored in 2014
    permanent markers. Then scented markers, oil pastels
    8.5 x 11
    During my studies at Kingsborough, I was looking at the clouds and started to wonder, if planes ride through the clouds, then why not cars? Image planes and cars riding on top of cities and through th

  • Religious Collage
    mixed media on blue acrylic background
    8.5 x 11
    During the month of April, I was reading a margin full of religion images, at that point I decided to create a collage full of images symbolizing the Easter season.

  • What I imagine seeing in Peru
    pencil, Oil pastels, scented markers
    8.5 x 11
    During my family's summer vacation in Lima, Peru, we passed by the center of the city described as a circle like the columbus circle in NYC and passed by the several tall buildings, mainly hotels

  • The Addams Family of the 1960s
    Acrylic paint on Bristol paper
    During the Winter semester in Brooklyn College, our last project was to "copy" a historical painting. So I found a historical landscape painting which reminded of the Addams House film durin

  • Combination of four paintings and Life
    acrylic paint on canvas board
    Every painting has its meaning whether if its historical meaning or personal meaning. This particular painting is a reflection of how art is all over us, everywhere we go there's art for us to se

  • Girl with Emotions looking in the mirror
    acrylic paint on canvas board
    During my painting course in Kingsborough, I came upon a historical painting done by Picasso during my research and I wanted to test myself basically trace with my eyes, the details I see. I thought t

  • Historical City
    acrylic paint on Bristol paper
    In my design class at Kingsborough, we were ask to create a gray scale painting. In this painting, I imagine how if there was a city that contains many historical architecture that could show the peop

  • Objects surround with Shapes
    acrylic paint on canvas board
    In my painting at Kingsborough, the assignment was to create a painting using a techniques from a historical artist. Since I'm a big fan of Picasso's paintings, I decided to create a paintin

  • What Space Looks Like
    acrylic paint on Bristol paper
    Since Im a big fan of Star Trek, I've decided to create a painting of how a starship, in this case the Enterprise orbiting the Earth.

  • Still-Life
    This painting is a Still-Life of a scene place for a painting class, which I participated in. Unlike acrylic paint, watercolor was more fun and more flexibility.

  • Star Trek orbiting the Earth
    watercolor on paper
    8.5 x 11
    Imagine if the Enterprise, a Romulan warbird, a Klingon battlecruiser and a Borg Cube ship all found there way towards Earth, to conquer it or defend it, who knows?

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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