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Sylvia D. Nagy
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Red Hook

ARTIST STATEMENT: SYLVIA NAGY 1 STATEMENT 2016 My work is not an attempt to reproduce the visible, but to make the underlying meanings of things visible. There always remains, beyond the multiplicity of possible interpretations, something indefinable. The world is full of contradictions. All events in our lives are connected. The endless rotation of life and death are the nature of the universe. The evolution of our spirit is reflected by the way we live our lives. We are all as strong and fragile as a ceramic vases, which can be broken accidentally. Often our lives can seem tragic and yet when we look back on our experiences, we find them comical. To recognize how the rhythm of the natural elements reflect upon the mystery of opposites, I strive o contemplate the harmony of black and white, fire and water, and cold and heat in search for the right balance between them to compose my own music in my artwork. The free spirit brings forth infinite imagination. Creating contemporary work in ceramics demands a sensibility to reflect new ideas in a changing world creating individual symbols, which turns to an universally communicable language. I created a series of mixed media installations entitled "Dialog" where my art represents a metaphor for the globalization towards a positive, new dialogue, which reconnects the world into the 21st century. Complementary objects consistently challenge new forms within their interaction, engaging dialogue between each other, evoking emotions, and feelings that are provocative and at the same time playful. I design organic elements and carve in plaster, than make plaster molds for slip-casting in porcelain. The elements have multiple various in form, color and space in different medium of art. My works are reflecting through Ron Arad sculptural design elements, Noguchi blurring boundaries between sculpture and design, Miro, Dali surreal paintings or Calder organic elements.

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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