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Jon A Duff
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Bushwick

ARTIST STATEMENT: Science fiction, humor, evolutionary psychology and speculative realist philosophy all greatly influence my work. I poke fun at the human experience through sculptures and painting which express a disorderliness which is half slapstick and half apocalyptic. Most recently I have been creating wall-mounted assemblages of objects that I find, purchase or cast from life. The works are made either in plexiglass boxes or on minimal plywood shelves. The plexiglass boxes often take the form of portraits. Through these works I consider and humorously act out the contemporary struggle between our individual humanist and our collective post-humanist values affecting our life and identity. I take melodramatic ideas and push them into the realms of the trivial and absurd with the use of humorous and surrealistic juxtapositions. My works on shelves usually take the form of landscapes. These arrangements most often consist of plastic plants, sticks and slime, while almost all of them include an office humor coffee mug. In most of the sculptures, the landscape threatens to consume the mugs in biological overgrowth and slime. I simultaneously spotlight and diminish these kitschy stand-ins for our mundane experience. I present this work as a humorous representation of our stubborn tendency to exaggerate our personal concerns in the face of an uncaring universe. All of the plants, sticks and other objects used are individually cast from life in resin and hand painted, thus creating a completely constructed reality. Text is often an important element in my work, whether it is expressed through the title or directly present in the work itself. My work is not meant to be a statement, however. If it is meant to communicate anything at all, it is humorous cynicism of our anthropocentric perspective. I am using the abilities I have as a crazy ape in a disordered world to act out and make discoveries.

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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