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Valerie D'Angelo
Brooklyn, NY
Website: http://
Neighborhood: Kensington

ARTIST STATEMENT: I hope that the artwork which I have chosen to display will speak for me. This is only a small portion of what I can do, but my experience has been that anything I have created, whether it be jewelry, art or writing, which I've sent, shown, read or given to both friends & strangers was so positively received. Numerous people have always encouraged me to get my work and my son's work...out there. In fact, at times enough people have said to me that it is a shame that my hard work is not being shown. I wish I had included some of my assemblages, but I made the selections of my work for the most part by what images came up in my file. We all know that whether or not we are artists in this present time, we all have so very many photos.

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  • Suncatcher
    paper, pastels
    5"x 7"
    This picture was drawn by me in one afternoon on a scrap of paper my child, Noah, had doodled on when he was about 3. The picture was a vision of both my past and future as well as that of many ill p

  • Vision In White
    seagulls, snow, beach
    4" x 6" photo
    In Feb. of 2011 at about 5pm, I fed and then photographed the seagulls in the snow on the beach for as fat as you can see.

  • The Wheel On the Wagon
    Wagon Wheel, my hand, camera, photo
    4"x 6"
    I took a photo of the silhouette of my hand and a wagon wheel.

  • Grendel
    paper, pencils.
    My son had read Beowulf and he sketched a picture of the Grendel character.

  • Patti Smith & Me
    paper, pencils.
    2"x 3"
    I had been reading, "Just Kids," by Patti Smith. I had a magazine photo of her and I identified with the life she was describing that she shared with Robert Mapplethorpe. Together they adde

  • Geisha Gone Bad
    Tissue Paper, Napkin, Pen, Nail Polish, various materials collaged onto the piece
    5"x 7"
    I was forced out of my home for a few months due to abuse in the summer of 2006 only to experience even more manipulation at my friend's home. I got pneumonia while living there from the distres

  • Mrs. Moon
    Cardboard, paint,collage, nail polish remover, markers, pen
    9" x 5"
    I was in a deep depression from abandonment by my sister and began a series of blue and aquamarine pieces of collage.

  • Biker Babe
    Paper, pastel pencils
    5"x 7"
    My son Noah had a bad day at school and he fell asleep on the futon. I got on the ground beside him and began to sketch an old baby picture of him.

  • Kings & Queens Of Nothing
    Paper, pastel pencils
    4" x 6" photo
    Just a colorful and whimsical drawing couching deeper feelings.

  • Momma's Got The Peace
    Notebook paper, pen, markers, pencils
    4" X 6" original and photo
    My son loved to draw in a comic-book style which influenced me to doodle a chick I called, "Apollo" in my poetry notebooks.

  • The 602 Abandoned Pup
    Stuffed animal, garbage cans, sidewalk, pizza carton
    4" X 6" original and photo
    I saw this discarded stuffed animal and the black and white and gray of it all looked interesting.

  • It's Raining Cats & Dogs & Demons
    paint, cardboard, pastels, pencils cutout newspaper
    This just drew itself as it's what I saw on paper.

  • Withered Heart
    sidewalk, decaying leaf
    4" x 6" photo
    I was struck by the image on the ground of a delicate and decaying leaf appearing like a heart and took a photo. I've also made artwork out of gilded-leaves and placed them in frames.

  • Catch Me
    paper, pencils.
    2"x 4"
    I drew a sunflower and my son added the woman.

  • It's not my apocolypse
    paper, pencils.
    I drew an eye; my son added the face and the warrior down below.

  • PreSandy Mussel Shells
    Shells, material
    4" x 6" photo
    Shells from Manhattan Beach before Hurricane Sandy.

  • Do Monsters Fool You?
    Paper and markers
    8" x 10"
    I ripped open a tissue box and the cardboard looked like a creature to me so I outlined it and speckled it with neon markers.

  • Animated Noah
    Photo, toy, cutout
    4" X 6" original and photo
    This is a picture of my son, Noah, in Prospect Park, after beginning 1st grade. I pieced this together a few months after he died. He liked it when I created something with his image in a childlike

  • Gil-Scott Heron
    paper, pencils.
    4"x 6"
    Gil-Scott was playing what would be his last free concert in Central Park in 2010 and my son sketched him.

  • She's No Angel
    Pen, paper
    5"x 7"
    A few months after my 17-year-old son, Noah, began residing at my sister's home, I drew more frequently to survive the devastation of this experience of losing Noah. I don't know why any of

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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