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Anya N Haas
Brooklyn, NY

ARTIST STATEMENT: Anya is a self taught artist, writer, and vocalist originally from Minnesota. Born into a family of artists and musicians, she sampled each art form - finding her niche early on amid drawing, singing, and playing the violin. At a young age, she began traveling internationally with her family and veritably fell in love with the world. Driven by her love for linguistics and yearning to truly see the world, at age 18 she went on the road. From studying Spanish in Cuernavaca, Mexico, to becoming fluent in French in Nice, France - she treasured every experience. And she didn’t just love the world - she developed a deep love for the ocean - cultivated through one-of-a-kind travels and adventures free diving and spearfishing throughout the Caribbean islands with her dearest friend. This love of the ocean and adventure ultimately lead her to settle in St. Martin, French West Indies for several years. Working both as a rainforest adventure guide, and a kindergarten teacher at Belvedere Community Foundation, she soaked in everything she saw & everyone she met- drawing inspiration from each experience. Only returning back to the states in 2010 to finish a BA in Linguistics, she used her experiences abroad to focus on writing and recording music. Forever inspired and encouraged by her older brother Rolf, a renowned violin soloist and hip hop artist, she honed her vocal skills and wrote lyrics. Motivated by each others creativity and individual talents, she, Rolf and their cousin Alec formed indie music group Nocturnal Unit. Co-writing, recording and producing two albums while finishing school & working as a Montessori teacher, she rarely found time for her visual arts. However, all this changed when she reconnected with her now fiancé - a renowned fashioned designer and artist himself, who encouraged and pushed her to express herself not just musically but visually as well. She moved to Brooklyn, New York where they began working to build a business together, driven by their mutual global aspirations. A two month long trip to Ethiopia visiting her fiancé’s family, scouting fabric manufacturers, and soaking in the art, history, culture and essence of the country sparked something powerful in her - she began to paint. Unable to stop, she began taking recycled cedar scraps she had found, and painting them in the traditional Ethiopian folk art style that she’d fallen in love with. Currently based out of Brooklyn, she continues to work with different mediums and canvases, translating her genuine respect for the things, people, and places she’s seen into paintings.

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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