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Nicolas J Touron
brooklyn, NY


ARTIST STATEMENT: All the works visible in the pictures are expressions of my desire to tell stories. The works are snapshots of absurd adventures and actions of objects, colors, melting shapes and phantasmagoric animals. Clues are given that there is a reason for these actions but like in our universe these reasons are obscure and constantly slip through our fingers. Picture 03 is the physicalization of one of the phantasmagoric animal from my imagined universe. Constructed as a giant children’s 3D puzzle the 2 bodied Bamby stands between worlds. Picture 06 is another attempt at bringing my imagined universe into our own world. The hutch though an “homey” piece of furniture is more adapted to my imagined universe than to our world. Every object displayed in the hutch tells a story. Long before their capitalization by Disney and on-screen animators, tales were told to children for a much more serious purpose. This narrative form, best exemplified in stories like “Hansel and Gretel,” served to prepare the young for a life of malnutrition, disease, poverty and exploitation at the hands of feudal lords. Likewise my works are visual fables, but contrary to the classic fables, mine pass no blame, contain no call to action, and offer no solutions. They simply exist on landscapes of absurdity, collapsing and deforming due to a lack of objectives and destinations, reflections of life.

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Born in France
American citizen
Live and work in NY


2003 MFA School of Visual Arts, New York NY, USA
2001 BA Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Netherlands


2013 LMCC Swing Space Residency, New York, NY, USA
2011 Socrate Sculpture Park, New York, NY, USA
2009 Lower East Side Printshop Residency, New York, NY, USA
2002 School of Visual Arts MFA grant, New York, NY, USA
2001 Fullbright Fellowship Comission, Paris, France


2015 "Parallel Universe," Detais Gallery, Paris, France
2015 "Artificial Moment," ID center, New York, NY, USA
2013 "Play Ground," Stux Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2012 "Whats Happening," Virgil De Voldere Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2010 "The Kingdom," Virgil De Voldere Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2009 "Soupe Paralele," Alain le Gaillard Gallery, Paris, France
2009 "Bits and pieces of stories,” Espacio Liquido Gallery, Gijon, Spain
2008 "Arte Fiera," Art Fair solo show, Bologna, Italy
2007 "Circus," Virgil De Voldere Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2005 "Fable, Tails & Adventure," Virgil De Voldere Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2005 "Everyday Adventures," Galerie Bugdahn und Kaimer, Dusseldorf, Germany


2009 "Octet," Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
2002 "Meesterlijk Verzameld," Kunsthall, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2001 "Het ritme van de menslyke maakt," Tropen Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands


2015 "In Our Cave we See Shadows," Projekt722, Brooklyn NY, USA
2015 "On Paper," Galerie Bugdahn, Dusseldorf, Germany
2015 "Art Busan," Gallery Detais, Seoul, Korea
2014 "Wonderland," Invisible Dog Art Center, New York NY, USA
2014 "Naturally Hypernatural," School of Visual Art, New York NY, USA
2014 "No Longer Empty," Queens, New York NY, USA
2012 "Spring Break Art Show," curator: Natalie Kovacs, New York NY, USA
2012 "Personal effect," Padiglione dell’Esprit Nouveau, Bologna, Italy
2012 "I See the Moon, " Milavec Hakimi Gallery, New York NY, USA
2011 "Socrate Sculpture Park," New York, NY, USA
2011 "Encounters," Galerie Bugdahn und Kaimer, Dusseldorf, Germany
2010 "Pseudonym," The Invisible Dog, New York, USA
2010 "Paper scope," Lower East Side Printshop, New York, NY, USA
2010 "New Print," Internationnal Print Center, New York, NY, USA
2008 "Benefit Auction," Dumbo Art Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2006 "Nicolas Touron/Stefano Calligro," Agenzia04, Bologna, Italy
2006 "War and Nature," Virgil de Voldère Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2006 "Los Caprichos," Gallery Rizziero Arte, Pescara, Italy
2006 "Table top," Josee Bienvenu gallery, New York, NY, USA
2005 "Sommergaste," Gallery Bugdahn und Kaimer, Düsseldorf, Germany
2004 "Softness and Sweetness," FIAC Slingshot Project Gallery, Paris, France
2004 "Slice and Dice," Visual Art Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2003 "NADA Art Fair" Priska C. Juschka Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA
2003 "Quixotic," Slingshot Project Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2003 "Groupshow," Sixtyseven Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2003 "Drawing," Marvelli Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2003 "Videos," East Side Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2003 "Interland(site/nonsite)" Goliath Visual Space, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2002 "Artnew York," Kunstraume auf Zeit, Linz, Austria
2002 "Artoy," Tokyo, Japan
2002 "Not Sculpture," Visual Art Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2002 "Winterfilm," Art space W139, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2002 "Lost and found," De Waag, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2002 "Underground Sensation," Rotterdam subway, Netherlands
2002 "Tart TV," Salto TV channel, Netherlands
1999 "Bedroom 407," Winston Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1999 "Rietveld naar de Beurs," Beurs Van Berlage, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1999 "Park of the Future," Westegasfabriek, Amsterdam, Netherlands


2011 "Socrate Sculpture Park," New York, NY, USA
2002 "Underground Sensation," Rotterdam subway, Netherlands
2000 "Video," Philips Corporation, Hilversum, Netherlands


2010 Dominic McGill’s. "Future Perfect.” The Village Voice, May
2008 Jean-Marie, Dubois. "Paris a la pointe du dessin." PARIS Capitale, March.
2008 Christiana, Campanini. "Terra di conquista." Arte, January.
2007 Calendar. "Monster Mash." The New York Sun, October 08.
2007 Bologna. "Stefano Calligaro/Nicolas Touron." Flash Art Italy, February.
2005 Marok. "Nicolas Touron." Lodown, December.
2004 Dembina, Andrew. "Dutch Masters." TIME magazine, November.
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2002 Anne-maria, Neubauer. "Junge Wilde aus N.Y." TERMINE, September 08.
2001 Marina De Vries. "De BV Rietveld." Het PAROOL, June 29.


2009 pieces-of-stories


Currently teaching at the School of Visual Art SVA in NY, various classes and workshop in Drawing, Ceramic, Sculpture and studio critique for:

Fine Art
Master in art Practice
Continuing education
Master in Art Therapy
Master in Art education


“Psychotherapy as the Art of Uncertainty”
2014, SVA theater. A conference featuring keynote speaker Philip M. Bromberg, PhD, with panelists Heather Genovese, ATR-BC, LCAT, LP, and sculptor Nicolas Touron, moderated by Eileen McGann, ATR-BC, LCAT.

Jury member for:

Master in Fine Art SVA, NY, USA
Art Olympia, Tokyo Japan
NARS art residency, NY, USA


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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