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Louis Ebarb
New York, NY


ARTIST STATEMENT: Louis Ebarb Artist Statement • I create art because it is possible to achieve perfection. • I anchor my work by the traditions of western composition. • I paint my version of the sacred. • I present the viewer with the world through my eyes. • I learned to paint realistically through Abstract Expressionism. • I present the beauty of the commonplace and the overlooked. • I use canvas and paint to demonstrate my objects of worship. • I make paintings that are realistic and personal. • I make a different, better world on all of my canvasses. • I begin each painting I knowing it will be my best. • I consider my paintings as my only true Artist statements. • I don't take myself too seriously The history of Art has come to a time where there is no one dominant movement or style. This allows for a freedom of expression that is unprecedented. Even as I adapt the philosophies and techniques of my predecessors, I am creating new images and statements that are personal to me.

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Painter's Progress

Taking the Hippocratic Oath is a painting commissioned by the Downstate College of Medicine Class of 2013. It was hung on September 10, 2013 in the lobby of the Health Science Education Building, 395 Lenox Road, Brooklyn, N.Y..If you would like to see more of my work please visit:

Adventures in Watercolor

Exploring the process of Watercolor painting, this short film shows some of the steps that were taken while painting Stockholm Sunset by Louis Ebarb. The music is by Howard Erskine and Emy Yab.

The People's Castle: Belvadere Folly

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary: bel′ve-dēr, n. a pavilion or raised turret or lantern on the top of a house, open for the view, or to admit the cool evening breeze: a summer-house on an eminence in a park or garden. [It. belvedere; bel, beautiful, vedere, a view.] A Victorian Folly is a decorative structure whose main purpose is less than practical. In the case, Belvedere Folly stands on a hill in New York's Central Park and supplies a beautiful panorama of the park and is a beautiful structure to see from below.


An interview with Louis Ebarb on the occasion of the group show titled, "Still", at Saint Francis College, Brooklyn,N.Y..


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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