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Stella M Magni
Brooklyn, NY, NY
Website: http://

ARTIST STATEMENT: One in every eight woman in the world born today will be diagnosed with breast cancer. I was one of them. I was very lucky to get the best treatment in New York City. I had my breasts removed followed with aggressive chemotherapy, and I can say after many years, I am a survivor. In many countries breast cancer and removal of one's breast is an stigma. Women are rejected by society and even by their own families. What a contradiction when the legendary Amazon women of the ancient Greek mythology, would cut their own breast off to hold the bow and arrow to become better warriors . Then I had to make a choice to be a victim or a warrior and I choose to fight. That was when my healing began. The oppression of society can lead us to places where we are trapped and disconnected, making us feel far away from our well being, purpose and ultimately our destiny. In my photos my female model is photographed in a series of masculine poses, such of Buddha, the Thinker and even Jesus. I wanted to demystified these figures so women can make these icons their own. Other ways of oppression are the societal role of being complete only by getting married with the expectations of being good wives and mothers. In the present day, the domestication of women influenced by the media, painkillers, drugs and religion, are ways to get trapped and deadened the impulse to elevate our souls. Finally this is a tribute to all the ordinary Amazon women of today's planet of all ages, races and religions. My hope is to encourage them to find their place in the world. A world free from oppression, establish roles and easy escapism.

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I am originally from Argentina. I came to NY in the 80st. and I used to owned a very artsy coffee house in the East Village in the late 80st until 2002. In Caffe Della Pace we had art-shows that rotated every month. Ruben Ramonda, an artist from Cordoba, Argentina, was the curator of the coffee house for many years.
CDP offered their walls to emerging artist to show their work , some of them very successful today.
Some of the artist that exhibited there were Fabian Cerejido, Thomas Contegiacomo, Kate Sheperd, Joel Bluming, Rita Ackerman (which is a prominent pop artist today), Mario Grinberg, Sixto Caldano, Miguel Ignolia, Gabi Bunader, Toyo Tsuchiya, Kuki Gomez, Kelo Romero, David Millman, Ruben Ramonda and many others.

I also exhibited at Caffe Della Pace in different occasions with great success. I had an ongoing installation for a few years, named "Live the leaves". The installation adorned the cafe with autumn leaves from Central Park, accompanied with photos and found objects that gave the impression of being out at the park, by bringing an outside landscape to an indoor environment.

Many celebrities regularly would enjoyed Caffe Della Pace ambiance such of Spyke Lee, Quentin Tarantino, Roy Lichtenstein, Julia Roberts, Matt Dylon, Sonia Braga, Adriana Lima, Deryl Hannah and more.

Due to the downturn of the economy, the unfortunate 911 and the fact that I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I couldn't continued running the coffee house.
Caffe della Pace closed its doors on February 2002 after sixteen years and left behind beautiful memories to everyone that felt touch by its magic.

After that I moved to Brooklyn where I started focusing in my healing and kept taking photos and start using Photoshop and creating collages with my pictures.
I exhibited in local coffee houses and I opened my art studio to art festivals such of "GO" organized by Brooklyn Museum in 2012.


647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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