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Seldon Yuan
brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Bushwick

ARTIST STATEMENT: Under the influence of poetry, my work is based on a personal history. Focusing on a personal poetics of multiple perspectives and mediums, the work extends across a spectrum that plays on optical effects, absurdity, poetry, surrealism, language, familiar objects and spaces that are often in service of a personal narrative. The work typically creates a filter between a common object, environment, or scene and the viewer, thereby inventing a lens to view and reinterpret the everyday metaphorically. With the hybrid works that place poems and text into visual contexts, the work plays with the transitions between image/object and language, contrasts the allographic and autographic, activates the passive act of reading, contends with the expansion and contraction of language and both its ambiguities and specificity; all the while carefully sidestepping the language and aesthetics of graphic design and typography. The form of each work is constructed so the text and the visual aspects expand the other conceptually without becoming an illustration, while also activating the passive act of reading through actions such as movement and memorization.

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  • How I was made
    acrylic, wood, paint, light controllers, LED neon,
    14 x 492 x 2.5 inches
    Questioning language and our personal construction of self through language, self-examination, and ultimately self-discovery, the work constructs a visual poem where the content of the poem, the form,

  • I Draw a Line
    white powder
    Dimensions variable
    The piece is situated in the space so that it is viewed upside down initially. To read the work, the viewer must walk upon it and over it thus initiating its destruction. By having an audience read an

  • Behind the brush
    mirror and cut paper
    35 x 35 x 4 inches
    The poem obscures itself in order to force the reader to move around the sculpture in order to activate the act of reading by framing unorthodox ways to read the text. The form, actions required to r

  • Untitled (plant, clock)
    live plant, wood
    dimensions variable
    Conceived as a meditation on time and its linear and non-linear aspects, the numbers one through twelve are cut into a live plant in a circle to resemble a clock while the two flowering stems resemb

  • We are all present at sunset
    live plant, ceramic
    dimensions variable
    A live plant has a poem cut into its leaves. The text reads: we are all present at sunset the sunrise, our privilege always finding the floor never falling off the ground a drawing of a

  • Untitled (so sorry)
    paper ink
    50x38 inches
    Part of an ongoing series.

  • Untitled (Celeste, Pepsi) Untitled (plantain,banana) Untitled (tomato,ketchup)
    Paper, tape.
    30 x 40 inches.
    Window advertisements from a local super market were collected and then collaged together.

  • Vacuum/plenum (the Cotard delusion, invisibility, and other gravities)
    mirror, two-way plexiglass mirror, aluminum, steel, casters
    Dimensions variable, mirrored box is 4x4x7 ft
    Utilizing over 400 square feet of mirrors, the installation allows the viewer to become disoriented, invisible to their own image, performer, and voyeur; to be inundated by their own image; and to swi

  • Untitled (clock, towel)
    embroidered towel
    18 x 48 inches
    Playing on ideas of time and a nearly functional or impotent clock and/or poetic play on time and wiping/absorbing/drying, a towel is embroidered with a clock face.

  • 78 years, the average American life (sculpture)
    78 page notepad, 78 planners, 78 calenders
    dimensions variable
    A 78 page notepad is placed beside 78 stacked calendars and 78 stacked yearly planners, to play with conceptions of time and the average American life span of 78 years. Dimensions variable. Each pa

  • Thinking of you
    mirror, paint
    18 inch diameter
    A halftone image of the artist is painted onto a mirror with strategically placed holes/gaps in the image. Standing in front of the mirror a viewer is able to see their reflection in the mirror woven

  • 78 years, the average American life, three years after the leap year
    78 pages. paper, chip board, glue.
    8.5 x 11 inches
    Each page of the notepad has a grid of either 365 or 366 squares. With each square representing a day, each page represents either a leap or non-leap year, culminating with a notepad of 78 pages/year

  • Untitled (Work/live)
    diptych, digital c-print
    each is 88 x 70 inches
    No digital manipulation in the images except some color correction

  • Untitled (clothes, mountain)
    digital c print
    40 x 48 inches
    No digital manipulation in the images except some color correction.

  • Emails in one day: received, Emails in one day: sent,
    laser print
    8.5 x 11 inches
    All the emails sent in one day were printed one at a time onto the same sheet of paper repeatedly.

  • Refusal (Costa Rica beach, orange)
    digital c pring
    40 x 30 inches.
    Ongoing series. All done in camera with no digital manipulation.

  • Memory lists (acquaintances/friends)
    11x14 inches
    ink on paper
    Memory lists are written lists of all that I could quickly recall on various topics (acquaintances/friends, authors, plays, celebrities) until I paused for an extended amount of time on March 21, 2014

  • NO PHOTOS: I thought we were just going to talk about it/How did I end up in here? (Amsterdam, Red l
    ink on paper
    50x38 inches.
    This series of drawings are based on events when I was either not allowed to photograph a scene or did not have a camera or deemed it inappropriate to photograph at that moment, but wanted to create a

  • everything is perfect
    paper, ink
    This is from a series of drawings that are made in a stream of conscious.

  • Delaying the Inevitable
    mylar, garbage, trash can
    approx. 24 x 24 x 84 inches
    A garbage can is extended to several feet, thus delaying its emptying, but also revealing its contents to all passersby while simultaneously becoming more unstable as it fills to capacity.

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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