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Sol Kjok
Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Greenpoint

ARTIST STATEMENT: I create figurative drawings and paintings − preferably life-size and beyond − dealing with the fundamental interrelatedness and interdependence of all living things and the constraints imposed by our physical bodies. My scenarios are not mental constructs; they come from wordless places such as dreams, meditation and other states of altered consciousness. Their truth, revealed in some partial way to the dreamer, suffers from being squeezed through the bottleneck of verbal language. I believe this imagery springs from a well that we all share. Western civilization is now at a pivotal point where cutting-edge science is starting to prove what mystics and ancient cultures have always intuitively known: all matter in the universe exists in a web of connection and constant influence and thought is simply another form of transmitted energy. We can no longer view ourselves and our minds as the private, self-contained workings of an individual brain. In short, we are oneness having the experience of separateness. To put these internal glimpses out there in the world, I use my own and my friends’ bodies as a visual and visceral source. I gather my loved ones in my studio to pose with me, often in acrobatically challenging ways. This hands-on physical experience allows me to explore aspects of the human condition that are particularly interesting to me: pushing against our limits; the risk of falling; the co-presence of vulnerability and strength.

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We Shall Overcome: An Inauguration of Love

Friday, January 20, 2017. Doors open at 7:30

This Inauguration Day it feels particularly essential to "be the beauty we wish to see in the world." To tune our beings to peace and love, so that we are clear and strong for this new chapter. Please join us this January 20th for an evening of Inaugurating Love through sound healing, live music, and community.

8-8:30pm: Alex & Casey's Somatic and Sonic Guided Meditation
Alex Gordon-Brander has made a lifelong study of the relationship of sound, energy, and consciousness. Drawing on his training in Tibetan Buddhist, Sufi, Kabbalistic, and Taoist meditation; his musical training in piano, didgeridoo and Hindustani classical singing; and on his study of the neural correlates of consciousness, he has developed a body of secular meditation practices that use sound, breath, and guided imagery to invoke rapid and deep personal transformation.
Casey Karr is a musician and sound practitioner. Since she began learning piano at age 3, Casey has been captivated by sound and the profound impact that audible frequencies can have on the mind and body. With degrees in both music and psychology, she has conducted research on how the human brain perceives and responds to sonic stimuli, and continues to study the metaphysics of sound. Her immersive sound journeys, using more than a dozen different instruments, are designed to enable participants explore new layers of physical, emotional and spiritual self-awareness.

8:30-9pm: Katy Gunn: live acoustic set
with violin + looper featuring a short appearance by Little Church,accompanied by movement/performance art by Autumn Kioti
Katy Gunn is an American singer/songwriter, producer and performer. Spanning several genres in the pop world her collaborations include works with Method Man (Wu Tang Clan), Teenage Love (her electro-pop duo in Denmark), AndyOp, and various other artists in the pop industry. Her solo work with voice and violin often includes collaborations with interdisciplinary artists - most recently with members of Mothership NYC, such as Sol Kjøk and Autumn Kioti Moonface

9-10pm: Lesley Kernochan & band
featuring Arthur Vint on drums, Boo Reiners on guitars, and Abby Hollander on bass.Music much like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates... though these days many of the chocolates seem to have a soft country twang flavor.
Lesley Kernochan is a singer/songwriter with particular leanings these days towards country/folk as well as pop and rock. She has five albums of original music, each one a unique world unto itself. Her most recent album "A Calm Sun" is soon to be released in the US, and just received 4-star review in Rolling Stone Magazine in Germany this January. She plays guitar, piano, sax, musical saw, and has studied opera and music composition.

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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