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Dominic C Ambrose
Staten Island, NY

ARTIST STATEMENT: I use a mixture of artisanal and digital tools to create non-literal color photographs. I strive to make color a part of the artist's toolkit in photography the way it is in painting: personal, symbolic and lyrical, rather than factual, journalistic and literal. People are the main subjects of my images, and they are brought to the fore with creative color. The coloration of objects and backgrounds are determined by their function in the visual story, receding where necessary or brought to life with carnal color. I make symbolic sense where none existed before. The photography shown in this portfolio is all black & white analog photography that has been remastered digitally after being treated with chemical toners, studio oils and/or digital tools.
I am also interested in historical images, using glass negatives from the early years of photography, I restore and colorize them with digital tools.
As a writer and I touch on the same subjects, presenting real life themes in a somewhat skewered and personal landscape. My stories take place in a variety of landscapes, from Brooklyn to Romania.

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  • Runners, Foro Italico, Rome
    B&W analog photography
    Statues representing the masculine fantasies of the fascist era. Rome, Italy

  • The fingerless artisan, EUR
    B&W analog photography

  • The wounded dockworker, Guayaquil
    B&W analog photography
    Dockworkers load cargo at the Guayas River, and sometimes suffer physically. Guayaquil, Ecuador.

  • The Christmas tree vendor, Sibiu, Romania
    B&W analog photography
    A young man sells Christmas trees at the market in Sibiu, Romania.

  • prayerful girl
    B&W analog photography

  • Aftermath
    B&W analog photography
    Artwork tell a story of carnage and violence in the courtyard of La Escuela Nacional de Artes Visuales, Santo Domingo.

  • The Abduction, Foro Italico, Rome
    B&W analog photography
    Wrestling figures tell a story of abduction and indifference at lo Stadio dei Marmi in Rome.

  • Panama Joe
    B&W analog photography
    Photograph by an unknown photographer shows a US Army Staff Sargent, ca. 1950. The negative was restored and colorized using chemistry and software.

  • The Pensive Woman, Rampart, Alaska.
    B&W analog photography
    This image is from a glass negative by Jodie Wallick, who worked in Alaska ca. 1900. Little is known about this photographer and few of her images are available. This has been restored and colorized d

  • Ballplayer, Foro Italico, Rome
    B&W analog photography
    A marble athlete graces an alcove at the Foro Italico, in Rome, Italy.

  • Girl at her market stand, Bucharest.
    B&W analog photography
    A teenage girl in traditional gypsy dress in the Piata Obor marketplace in Bucharest, Romania.

  • Two men the afternoon heat, Vynnitsa, Ukraine
    B&W analog photography
    Two men converse in the dappled sunshine in Vynnitsa, Ukraine.

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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