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George Larkins
New York City, NY
Neighborhood: Downtown Brooklyn

ARTIST STATEMENT: My work reflects my interest in using photography, film, and 3D imagery to take viewers on a journey of different emotional levels. My current projects have explored themes of love, fear, depression, and insanity. I speak from a spiritual place, but embrace technology to create environments to engender reflection on the very nature of our perception of reality and the nature of our human emotions. My work is highly technical and composed. I have been inspired by sculptors of light, such as Sarah Moon, Art Kane, Andrei Tarkovsky and Jenny Holzer. My training in photography allows me to capture something of reality, but I explore the use 3D effects, sound design, typography, and editing to expand my photography skills and craft environments that challenge the viewer’s ability to distinguish the known from the unknown. I am interested in the borderlands, where certainty and representationalism fade to abstraction and delirium. My current projects ask questions about human nature. I am interested in the conditioning of human emotions. With my work, I ask questions about what can be beautiful, about what we can love. I create pieces about fear, and challenge views to consider the nature of fear and the obstacles it presents to action. Love and fear seem to arise from a joined place. Do we act in fear because of the depth of our love? Do we fear the power love holds over us? Could we love the very things we fear, if we could challenge ourselves to face them? I have looked at states where individuals break into isolation – internally or externaly. It is my intent to build external environments to draw out the submerged. It is my intent to use the technical to explore the emotional. It is my intent to create spaces that explore the heart of response itself.

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647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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